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Thalavan Review – A well-crafted investigative thriller makes this Jis Joy-directorial a must watch

Thalavan Review: The movie is a solid thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering how the officers will solve a tricky murder case, with a senior cop as its prime suspect.

Thalavan Review – A well-crafted investigative thriller makes this Jis Joy-directorial a must watch
Asif Ali and Biju Menon in Thalavan

Last Updated: 04.37 PM, May 24, 2024


Thalavan Story: In a station, two police officers of different ranks, CI Jayashankar and SI Karthik, are at loggerheads over a number of issues. But when a dead body is discovered in Jayashankar's home and he is accused of murder, things take a terrible turn. Karthik is tasked with looking into the case in the interim. The main question of the movie is whether Jayashankar is truly at fault or if he is just the victim of revenge.


Thalavan Review: The first thing about Thalavan that needs to be discussed is Jis Joy's tremendous effort in creating an engrossing investigative thriller that never lets up to keep viewers' attention. Even though his last movie, Innale Vare, may not have left a lasting impression, he has been committed to giving the genre he worked on full justice this time around. As a filmmaker who has predominantly made heartwarming, feel-good films for Malayalis, Thalavan is an impressive feat to achieve.

Throughout his career, CI Jayashankar, who is renowned for his anger, has consistently made enemies. The arrival of SI Karthik, a young, impulsive officer, at his station leads to the duo being at odds. Nevertheless, when Jayashankar is charged with killing the wife of Jason, a goon who had attacked the former's wife, their lives take an unexpected turn. Assigned the task of investigating the matter, Karthik is searching for the truth to determine whether Jayashankar is the true offender or whether someone is pursuing retaliation against him.

Due to the placement of multiple suspects throughout the movie, the director never gives the audience the slightest opportunity to have even a vague notion of who the real culprit might be or the reason behind the crime. Rather, he keeps them mired in a sequence of incidents that have transpired concerning these police officers. Because of this, the movie is a solid thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering how these officers will solve this case.

Asif Ali and Biju Menon both perform brilliantly as police officers, living up to the public's expectations. CI Jayashankar, in contrast to Biju Menon's Ayyappan Nair in Ayyappanum Koshiyum or Baby in Thundu, has a bad reputation due to his harshness and decisions that stemmed from his anger, which undoubtedly earned him disdain both inside and outside of his police station. Even with all these dark undertones, Biju Menon stays true to the character's goal of winning over the audience' sympathy at key moments in the movie.

Biju Menon and Asif
Biju Menon and Asif

Even though Asif Ali's character initially seems to be blinded by rage or ego towards Jayashankar, he eventually focuses on bringing the truth to light. The remaining actors in the movie, Dileesh Pothan, Miya George, and Anushree, have all performed effectively.

To suggest that there is more to some of the characters, the case, or another crime, the makers of Thalavan have left a few subplots unfinished. This has also created room for a sequel, which the audience hopes will not leave them waiting too long to know. The movie definitely drags at times and lags a little, but its compelling elements draw the audience's attention back to it.

Thalavan Verdict: After Tovino Thomas's Anweshippin Kandethum this year, the Jis Joy-directed film offers the satisfaction of watching a solid investigative thriller. Thalavan is guaranteed to keep the audience interested with its gripping plot and outstanding performances.

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