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Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 review: Get ready for an emotional ride and lots of laughs

Gina is back with Jake, Amy, Holt and the crew.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 8 review: Get ready for an emotional ride and lots of laughs

Last Updated: 02.35 PM, Feb 26, 2024



Police officers in Brooklyn's 99th precint fight crimes. They are like family and so, things get personal too. Hop on to the journey of life and crime with the mad gang.


At long last, the finale season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has released in India and keeping the COVID-19 times in mind. If you thought the masks will minus the fun element, you couldn't be more wrong. This season has introduced a new world with the same old goofy yet fun characters. Jake (Adam Sanberg) takes the lead again (obviously) and has a new hi-five.

He is also back with his passion for cases, in his own unique way. More than that though, Jake is passionate about the heist - yes we have one in this season too!


Rosa makes a big revelation and chaos follows. The chaos however is on screen. For the viewers, it is only the laughs.

Melissa Fumero's Amy and Andre Braugher's Captain Holt get into character soon after too. In this season, Amy has gone savage and it will make you laugh out loud unlike before. Holt, on the other hand, recreates his hyper scene with Rosa.

Terry Crews' Terry and Joe Lo Truglio's Boyle going neck-to-neck in the first episode itself raises the bar for what's coming. Yeah, Boyle's creepy statements are back and the 'come on man's are back too.

There is a lot of heartbreak along with the laughs in episode one itself. Soon, the realization that this show, which has entertained people over the years, is coming to an end dawns upon you and so, you feel like enjoying every moment of the madness. Thankfully season 8 agrees and like all other seasons, you can easily binge this one too.

Unfortunately, this time you miss seeing the classic Scully and Hitchcock. However, many like them appear, making up for it.

B99 has also managed to end its episode at a cliffhanger, making you scream 'cool cool cool cool.' When the revelation actually happens, you wouldn't know whether to laugh or be stunned.

Marc Evan Jackson's Kevin is here and he steals the show like always. Even in cameo appearances, this one is always worth looking forward to.

Doug Judy is back and chaos ensues. PB&J (Poniac Bandit and Jake) have an equation that is unique but quite something, just like the original peanut butter and jelly. Rosa is back and introduces something new with the flavour of the old.

The Vulture and Jason Stanley are missing this time. While you do miss them, the season more or less makes up for it all.

Episode 7 is the weakest of all episodes. It is, however, high on emotions.

The heist episode comes a little late but with it, Gina, Bill and Pimento are back! They have, however, toned down to a huge extent. The episode, as always, is the best of the season.

Teddy comes back too and it is a nightmare seeing him, as always. He does what he always does and it is still funny.

This show wraps up in the perfect way possible. We know the nine-nine is forever and this team just proved that once again!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine has always lived up to the hype it created and this time is no different. Although it being the grand finale, one would expect to see just a tad bit more, everything that this season shows ends the much-loved show on the perfect note. B99 is an emotion. It is noice, toit and it is forever. Keeping up to the promise of making people laugh even as they would be hurting, season 8 is a definite watch.


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