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Chaari 111 Review - Vennela Kishore shines with his hilarious performance in this passable spy drama

Chaari 111 Review: Vennela Kishore leads from the front and delivers a hilarious performance but the film falters in its second act. 

Chaari 111 Review - Vennela Kishore shines with his hilarious performance in this passable spy drama

Chaari 111 poster

Last Updated: 03.54 PM, Mar 01, 2024


Chaari 111 Story

The head of the state (Subhaleka Sudhakar) established a special secret wing named 'Rudranetra' to handle deadly terrorist situations in the state. Prasad Rao (Murali Sharma) is made the chief and after a mysterious bomb blast, the case is assigned to a secret agent, Chaari 111 (Vennela Kishore). The rest of the story is about how Chari, who does not take things seriously, cracks the case on his own.

Chaari 111 Review

Since the day the spy drama was launched, the makers have been saying that Chaari 111 is about a silly spy who is over the top but still manages to accomplish the tasks. As reported, Chari 111 has ace comedian Vennela Kishore playing the main lead, and he breathes fire into his role and keeps the audience engaged with his hilarious performance.

Chaari 111 is all about a funny spy who is thrown into a serious situation of nabbing criminals as a secret agent, and how he manages to get things done in his way. To enjoy such films, one should forget logic and go with the flow and that is what the promo showcases. The same happens in the first half, as there are many hilarious moments of Chaari going about handling the case.

The way Murali Sharma interacts with Vennela Kishore leaves the audience in splits. How Vennela Kishore uses funny English words to showcase his inner feelings is done right. Adding to this, the hilarious mannerisms of the ace comedian are superb in the film. Those who love tongue-in-cheek humour will love Vennela Kishore in Chaari 111.

Chaari 111 poster
Chaari 111 poster

The second half of the film gets serious and this is where things go south. The flashback related to the villain is dragged on for no reason and has no impact. Also, there is no depth in the emotions during this flashback and the climax ends in a hurry. The flashback episode of the faceless villain is one of the weakest links in the film and derails the plot.

After watching the second half, one gets a feeling that the makers should have stuck to the comic part and showcased how the cops nab the terrorists. Instead, director Keerthi Kumar establishes the villain's sub-track. This takes the tempo down and there is hardly any comedy during this time. It is like the film clicks when it is over the top and the moment it gets serious, the magic is gone.

Chaari 111 poster; Director TG Keerthi Kumar
Chaari 111 poster; Director TG Keerthi Kumar

When it comes to the performances, all those who go to theatres after watching the promos and expecting hilarious comedy by Vennela Kishore will not be disappointed. The ace comedian delivers a solid performance and carries the film on his shoulders. Satya, the other comedian, is also superb. His chemistry and scenes with Vennela Kishore are a laugh riot.

Murali Sharma gets the meatiest role in the film and he creates an impact. Samyukta Vishwanathan plays the female lead and she ably supports Vennela Kishore. Taubothu Ramesh is quite good as Vennela Kishore's sidekick. The background score of Chaari 11 is impressive and the background score by Simon King is solid and elevates the film to another level.


The production values of the film are nice and the camera work ably showcases the spy setup neatly. The editing in the second half could have been a lot better. Chari 111 is a film that is made only for entertainment. It lacks the logic but there is a lot of fun generated. But the moment it starts getting serious, it gets tedious.

Chaari 111 Verdict

On the whole, Chari 111 has a hilarious first half and an ordinary second half. Vennela Kishore is hilarious and gives one of his best performances. His character and histrionics will not disappoint you if you watch Chaari 1111 from his perspective. But beware of the second half, which is dull and derails the film a bit.


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