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Chitram Choodara Review - Varun Sandesh-starrer is outdated, silly and over the top

Chitram Choodara Review - Varun Sandesh stars in this crime comedy, which lacks basic depth in every department. 

Chitram Choodara Review - Varun Sandesh-starrer is outdated, silly and over the top

Chitram Choodara

Last Updated: 04.22 PM, May 09, 2024


Chitram Choodara story

Bala (Varun Sandesh) is a small-time artist from the Rukmini drama company in Kothapatnam. One fine day, a production manager comes to scout for locations and is impressed with Bala's acting skills. He invites Bala to Hyderabad and play a key role in his new film that will be launched soon. Impressed by the offer, Bala, along with his friends played by Dhanraj and Kasi Vishwanath, land in Hyderabad. As soon as they land at the production house's guest house, the three get arrested in a robbery worth Rs 90 lakh. Why did they get arrested? Who has targeted them? And how the innocent artists get out of the situation is the basic story of the film.

Chitram Choodara Review

Chitram Choodara marks the comeback of Varun Sandesh as the main lead. The crime drama is now streaming on ETV Win, and half an hour into the film, you clearly understand that the makers were out of budget and ideas, and wrapped up the film in a hasty manner, which is visible in the interval and climax part of the film.

Crime comedies always have a lot of fun and thrills, but sadly, none of them work in Chitram Choodara. The makers rushed things and did not execute the proceedings properly. Director Harshavardhan takes forever to introduce all the characters in the film. The first twenty minutes of the film only showcase each of the characters and their backstories.

The basic backdrop of the film is also outdated. A young man coming to the city for movie offers and getting cheated has been showcased in many films already and the same happens in Chitram Choodara as well. Novelty goes for a toss in this film. The entire track of Sheetha Bhatt and the way she is looking for offers and woos the hero looks outright silly, and a big letdown in the proceedings.

The character arcs in the film are also not shown properly. The basic emotion and pain in the characters are not brought out properly in the entire film. Because of this, the problems the character faces do not evoke any emotions. Kasi Vishwanath is neat in his role and gives ample support. Dhanraj's comedy works only in a few scenes.

After a long gap, we get to see Ravi Babu in a key role and he impresses big time. Coming to Varun, he has done a decent job in his role. His character does not give him that scope to elevate his acting skills. He just goes with the flow and does not showcase anything new. But it is good to see him back in action and that too in a lead role after a long time.

The rest of the supporting cast were just about okay. Radhan composed the music and two songs in the film, and they sound okay. The BGM is loud as hell. As said earlier, the production values of the film are below par and the low quality of the product is clearly visible. The dialogue is decent, but the biggest villain of the film is the screenplay. It hardly makes an impact and bores the audience.

Things get very hard after a point, making it difficult to sit through the film as the proceedings are routine and boring, and do not showcase anything new. Chitram Choodara is a film that was made for the big screen but due to the lack of buyers, the makers felt that the OTT release would be perfect. Even if you watch this film with an open mind, it will bore you big time.

Chitram Choodara Verdict

On the whole, Chitram Choodara is an outdated crime drama that fails to work. Neither the story nor the screenplay works, making the proceedings look silly and boring. Varun Sandesh's screen presence is the only solace of this film, which is now streaming on ETV Win.

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