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Chumbak review: Akshay Kumar produced Marathi movie is the epitome of a beautiful story

Chumbak is a film that has very real characters with real struggles. It does not have a single commercial aspect to it but that works in the favour of the film, Swanand Kirkire, especially, steals the show.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 12, 2021
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Baalu (Sahil Jadhav) plots to con a man along with his friend Disco. The man, Prasanna (Swanand Kirkire), is too smart and honest for the two young boys. Disco, who stands strong on his wrong principles, gives up soon after seeing Baalu warming up to Prasanna for an unknown reason. The film explores their journey together.


Chumbak begins with stunning visuals. It takes various shots from a sugarcane stall at sunrise. The effects given to a simple rask mesmerize you for quite a bit. We are then introduced to Sahil Jadhav.

He is a hardworker. The child has the face of someone who has to struggle for basic survival. How his personality changes with his friend Disco is quite clear and worth noting.

Simple, real and no additional background score works well for the film. Disco's real and practical way of living is something that will hit you hard. His 'world famous sceme' scene is so real it leaves you shocked.

After that, Baalu meets his first scam victim, Prasanna. He is a nervous man who gets very happy on being able to receive money. This makes Baalu nervous and feel for the man.

The film has a mention of Raghuram Rajan, who was the RBI chairman back then. Soon, Swanand Kirkire and Sahil Jadhav come face-to-face. It is one of the cutest things ever.

Swanand wins you over from the first frame. He only gets better as the movie progresses. He is so adorable it makes you smile.

As much as Disco is practical, Baalu is sensitive. This makes a perfect balance in their friendship. How Disco helps Baalu out during tough times is also worth noting.

How a man the two boys thought was worthless, make them follow him, is a story that will blow your mind. On the other hand, Swanand's message for his wife is the most beautiful thing you will come across in the film.

Prasanna and Baalu become partners in crime in the most unusual way. That is when we come to know about Baalu's backstory. The two's fight scene is also shot very simply but manages to show their individual frustration in life in the best way possible. Fortunately, the movie never gets too dark and has punchlines in the right places, like the Panduranga dialogue.

Chumbak beautifully explores the struggles of lower class people. It shows that there is a person like Baalu, Prasanna and Disco who each deal with a situation differently but somehow stick together to help each other no matter what.

The film is shot in natural light, in real environment. That makes Chumbak a much more interesting watch. It is also refreshing from stories set in Mumbai city. Here, the protagonists travel and end up in a village, which is Prasanna's home. The scene is absolutely heartwarming.

The story bounces back to square one in a way you would not see coming. Swanand's expressions in the last scene will touch you like never before. Sahil Jadhav performs equally well.

The last scene has too many references of Baalu's transformation. Him saying, "I had lost my way," the shining sun, him seeing a new opportunity when he is at crossroads in life, hint about the same.


There isn't a single frame you won't like in Chumbak. The story is beautiful, its execution is excellent and all the actors, especially Swanand Kirkire are a delight to watch from the first frame to the last. Chumbak is definitely a film that shouldn't be missed.

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