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City of Dreams S2 review: The Priya Bapat-Atul Kulkarni show is a power-packed political drama

The political-thriller stars Atul Kulkarni and Priya Bapat as a father-daughter duo with Eijaz Khan, Sachin Pilgaonkar and Sushant Singh in significant roles.

City of Dreams S2 review: The Priya Bapat-Atul Kulkarni show is a power-packed political drama
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  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 06.46 AM, Sep 17, 2022



City of Dreams S2 witnesses Priya Bapat’s character as the head of her father’s ruling party as well as the CM of Maharashtra. She can be seen locking horns with her own father in order to fight against the patriarchy in politics as well as gaining the power and position she always wanted. 


Poornima Gaikwad (Priya) has witnessed and been a part of multiple backstabbing and bloodshed while trying to show her sexist father that a daughter can contribute as much as a son. The daughter, who always walked on the path that has been chosen for her by her father, decides to gain the power she always wanted to.

In the first instalment of City of Dreams, Amey Rao Gaikwad (Atul Kulkarni) goes into a coma after getting attacked. A sudden turn of events led his daughter, Poornima, to end her brother’s life in order to become the party president.

The first season introduced the audiences to all the main characters of the show and gave glimpses of their personal life, while the second season shows two parallel timelines. The past, which revealed the actual reasons for whatever good or bad has been happening in the present. 

Priya as the leading soul shined throughout the whole series. She is cultured, intelligent and kind but at the same time ruthless and stubborn enough to get what she desires. Atul, on the other hand, beautifully plays the role of a politician who built his own empire and works with his orthodox values. Sachin Pilgaonkar’s CM Jagdish Gourav is that backstabber, who actually never gets punished for his unethical and immoral moves. While Wasim Khan, essayed by Eijaz Khan, is that pawn who has worked for every leading character in the show. 

Sushant Singh, who is the new addition to the second season of the show, has limited screen time but his character, Anna, screams fear.

The issue of black money and political corruption in our country is not new for the viewers. Even then, the representation of handling and stacking that money will completely blow audiences’ minds.

Rohit Banawlikar’s story has given the genre of political thrillers a new standard. The audiences cannot afford to skip a small part or even a single dialogue from the show. Each episode ends with a major cliffhanger that leads the viewers to immediately tune in to another one. Be it a political conspiracy or a love affair or a business deal, the Nagesh Kukunoor directorial has every masala in the dish in the right amount.

The title track, which has been used as the background score of every intense scene, made the scene even more powerful. The opening theme track titled ‘Mayanagri’, especially, should be viewed multiple times. The track describes the realities of each of the lead characters with powerful visuals. It also compares the skylines of Mumbai with slums in surreal optics.

While showing Poornima’s relationship with her son in the midst of the series looks unnecessary, the end certainly changes the perspective of the viewers. Like the first season, the second one has also ended with major suspense which makes the audiences eagerly await the third instalment.


The length of each episode could have been a little less, as watching the show in one stretch might consume the whole day. However, the dish with perfect tadka won’t let you vacate your seat and instead, will always keep you at the edge of it.