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Code M season 2 review: Jennifer Winget-Tanuj Virwani's web series brings a twist you aren't completely surprised by

As always, Code M season 2 has a few brilliant moments but some that you probably predicted long ago.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 02.09 PM, Jun 09, 2022

Code M season 2 review: Jennifer Winget-Tanuj Virwani's web series brings a twist you aren't completely surprised by

Source: Instagram


Major Monica (Jennifer Winget) tries to solve the case about who wants to murder the CM. Angad (Tanuj Virwani) re-enters her life and sparks fly between the two. Will her personal life affect Monica's way of working?


Code M runs high on visuals. The show always had a story that developed slowly and it is the same this time around too.

An evil mind is introduced in the cliched but best way possible. Soon, we meet Major Monica, played by Jennifer Winget and there is absolutely no difference in her character. She is argumentative, hyper and conflicted.

Her action is still on point and will marvel you. Jennifer pulls off the stunts with such ease that you would feel that is where she belongs - doing action scenes.

Monica's backstory is explored this time. It is not the best execution but does the work. Her emotional side, however, doesn't exactly work.

Tanuj Virwani as Angad is also back in his character - flirtatious. His quirky dialogues simply add to the series. In fact, he is a huge surprise this time around, one you would want to watch.

The spark between Monica and Angad was always there and in this season, it has gone a step ahead. This is one moment you have been waiting for and it is finally here but like always, it doesn't come without danger knocking on their door.

Swanand Kirkire is a part of the series and he is a character you did not see coming. While he tries to be scary, the impact is only fairly good.

The intrigue builds from episode 2, after his entry on the show. Things are personal once again and that makes the series interesting enough.

The scenes between Monica and Qureshi (Swanand) are intense, or at least they try to be. While a lot is happening at the surface, you never really know what is happening between the two.

The camera shots work well in this series too. The stair choreography is a classic but sure enough, it is impressive.

There is a huge revelation in this series, one you would have thought of but shunned the thought considering how efficient Major Monica actually his. Thus, this surprise will shock you as much as it shocked her.

Like always, a bigger scam is unveiled and it makes things interesting in a way. 

The execution of this season is better than the last but it does not mean that this is the best. While the music works to a great extent, it also makes the series more dramatic.

There is another big revelation towards the end of the series, which changes many things for Monica. Although the cat-and-mouse chase is intriguing, it appears forced.

The makers of this show clearly love drama and that is what the season screams in important bits and parts. Could this drama be avoided? Most definitely.

Code M season 2 sets the base for season 3, even if it is a little too late. The suspense in the series could surprise you but then again, not so much.


Code M season 2 has improved in terms of execution but not storytelling. The first season dealt with issues that were quite vital. Here, there are a few issues which are important but they don't have the same impact. Nonetheless, Code M season 2 is not something you just cannot watch. So go ahead with this one only if you are a fan of the series, Jennifer Winget and Tanuj Virwani.