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College Romance season 3 review: Right punches, perfect timing make Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora's series a must watch again

If the other seasons made you laugh, this one touches more emotions and nails them.

College Romance season 3 review: Right punches, perfect timing make Gagan Arora, Apoorva Arora's series a must watch again

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Last Updated: 02.35 PM, Feb 26, 2024



Naira (Apoorva Arora) has moved to the US. She is in a long-distance relationship with Bagga (Gagan Arora). Meanwhile, he just might be cheating on her. Karan (Keshav Sadhna) finds that out and insists on knowing what is happening. Soon, the story takes twists-and-turns you barely saw coming.


How would you make the perfect omelette? Some onions, some chillies and let it fry for the right time. College Romance season 3 does all of the above things. It makes you cry, involves you in the college drama and takes its time so that a scene registers in your mind. Those brief pauses in the midst of chaos, is what makes College Romance season 3 special.

Gagan Arora's Bagga is the lead in the first frame of College Romance season 3. He is seen as the cute loverboy, which we already know he isn't exactly going to remain throughout the series. This time, Bagga has tried his hand at serving in the college canteen. While it would usually be a bold move, Bagga has managed to do even more in the past and so, this doesn't come as a surprise.

Apoorva Arora's Naira, Nupur Nagpal's Dhatrpriya and Shreya Mehta's Deepika are back in character. Deepika's temper flares soon after her entry and with that, you know that she is back, 'so hard!' Even though she has a briefer role in comparison to the previous seasons, Deepika is an absolute delight to watch, once again.

The entertainment factor is back in the first episode itself. Bagga taking auditions is the one scene proving that as it will make you rofl.

The reason why Karan (Keshav Sadhna) is so upset with Trippy (played by Manjot Singh in the past) is revealed. The scene makes for a pretty emotional moment.

Eklavey Kashyap as Harry is a sweetheart. He's almost the female version of Dhatrpriya and it's adorable! However, the makers have obviously kept the distinction between their characters too. If she deals with emotions by eating pani puri, he goes and finds out the real truth in the smartest way possible.

Gagan and Apoorva bursting out during their couple's massage has to be one of the most hilarious moments on the show. The way he expresses while saying, "Didi aap pehle zip bandh karo please," is definitely a high point.

Karan really shines out as Naira's friend when he actually reveals that Bagga is indeed cheating on Naira. Usually nobody would dare to stand up against Bagga but the way Karan treats him and Bagga lets him, that truly is a scene to remember.

Janhvi Rawat, who plays the role of a mysterious woman named Raavie this time, stirs chaos in the already complicated lives of this gang. Since her entry, everything changes. She becomes the focal point, sometimes even more than Bagga himself.

The show has some pretty interesting twists in store. You will not see most of them coming, which makes it all the more better.

Episode 4 is definitely the best episode of the season. Things change drastically in this episode. While staying entertaining, this one is also intriguing. You constantly want to figure what will happen next because of the situations created here.

The series retains its flavour and that is the best part about the season. While many things are changing, the core team - the gang of friends - they are intact and strong as ever. That is the sweetest thing to watch even this time around.

Their bond is what makes the last episode cooler. You just cannot miss watching them in action. Gagan gets his heroic moment as well in the scene and he totally nails it.

This season ends in the most unexpected way - which is a first for College Romance. It is a cliffhanger moment and you simply will not be able to digest what just played out on the screen, at least not immediately.


College Romance is really back in all its glory. It hits the right notes and punches in the perfect time possible. Almost all the scenes are sure to land straight to your heart - sometimes making you smile, other times making you laugh and some other times, making you cry. This one is a show you might not want to miss out on.

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