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Country Mafia review: Anshuman Pushkar-Soundarya Sharma-Ravi Kishan’s show offers nothing new but is realistic

Country Mafia is not unseen but manages to still be gripping.

Country Mafia review: Anshuman Pushkar-Soundarya Sharma-Ravi Kishan’s show offers nothing new but is realistic
Country Mafia - Soundarya Sharma.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.04 PM, Nov 18, 2022



Babban has killed Ajay and Nannu’s father. They are out for revenge but he’s not an easy target since he has a lot of influence. Will they succeed?


Country Mafia is a show that is not new. You have seen this concept many times. However, the show has some charm to it. The X-factor about this show is how realistic it is.

'Chandan/Ajay' Anshuman Pushkar commences the story of Country Mafia in UP. He is however almost missable in the role.

'Chameli/Nannu' Soundarya Sharma, who appears soon after, is rather braver. She leaves a good impression since the start.

The camera angles in this series work well. The scene where Anshuman's Chandan turns into a murderer is well executed. This time, Soundarya's is not that impressive.

Balli, who has been pivotal to the story, is related to Ravi Kishan, who shows his twisted side early on in the show. Ravi's mimickry about Akshay Kumar is hilarious and effective for the story. In the role of Babban, he sets the fear his character needs and music only adds to his role.

Saurabh Shukla as a spiritual leader will remind you of Bobby Deol's Aashram in many ways. He plays the role of Mahant in the series.

Anita Raj's Mamta makes a cameo in the first episode but it is powerful enough, more powerful than Soundarya and Anshuman combined.

Anshuman's character grows on you. However, the actor isn't really a surprise this time around. That doesn't mean he's a bad actor at all but that he has nothing new to offer this time.

The cat-and-mouse chase makes up for most of the series. When not that, there’s violence.

Songs in the series just don't make sense. It tries to make the show melodramatic where it should be raw. In order to show revenge, there's a song about nostalgia and loss, which makes no sense at all.

Although the story goes on in the same tone, it has interesting things to offer. While not the best out there, the series is above average.

The realistic setting is what works best for this show. It is the melodrama that works against the show.

The series is definitely getting a sequel. The last scene ensures that there is more to come and the cliffhanger promises that it will be something to look forward to.


You can watch Country Mafia if you like gangster dramas. Although it will remind you of many series and films like before, this show also has a charm of its own and so, you can like it and be intrigued for the upcoming sequel.