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Dear Nanna Review - Chaitanya Rao-starrer is old school and predictable to the core

Dear Nanna is a Telugu film that is now streaming on Aha. Chaitanya Rao and Surya Bhagvandas play lead roles. 

Dear Nanna Review - Chaitanya Rao-starrer is old school and predictable to the core

Dear Nanna poster

Last Updated: 08.16 PM, Jun 19, 2024


Dear Nanna Story

Dear Nanna is based during the time of the COVID-19 lockdown in Hyderabad. Surya (Chaitanya Rao) is a wannabe chef and is studying to become one. But his father, Ravi (Surya Bhagvandas), wants him to take care of his pharmacy store. Surya, who has no interest in his father's store, is forced to handle it as his father turns COVID-19 positive. How Surya managed his family business, letting go of his dreams, is the basic story of Dear Nanna.

Dear Nanna Review

For starters, Dear Nanna is not a full-fledged feature film and has only 41 minutes of runtime. One can see that the film was not done with its shoot, and whatever was canned has been edited out to make a lengthier short film out of it. That is the reason most of the scenes are rushed, and a few emotions look forced.

Dear Nanna has been directed by Anji Saladhi and his casting is on point. He chooses the happening Chaitanya Rao to play the son and veteran actor Surya to play a very responsible citizen who goes to any extent to help the citizens through his pharmacy store. As the film is set in the lockdown period, there is nothing new the makers showcased.

One aspect that should be appreciated in Dear Nanna is the superb manner in which it has portrayed how the pharmacy stores played a major role in saving the lives of many. The difficulties the pharmacist went through during the time of COVID-19 have been showcased in a detailed manner.

Dear Nanna stills
Dear Nanna stills

Yet another aspect that catches the attention of many is the chemistry between the father and son. Chaitanya Rao and Surya are adorable as the loving father and son. The way the director has showcased their bond is quite moving in several scenes. But as the film is only 40 minutes long, things happen on a rapid pace.

Surya is amazing in his role and brings a lot of depth to the film. Chaitanya Rao is turning out to be a sensible actor and is very good in Dear Nanna. The rest of the cast is just about okay. Dear Nanna has a familiar premise and does not showcase anything new.

A number of films have been made in the backdrop of lockdown and Dear Nanna is nothing new. One gets a feeling of watching a short film with decent emotions, but the narration is routine and has nothing great to make you get hooked on to your seats.


Gifton Elias has composed the BGM and it is decent. The makers have hardly spent any money on the film as the film is shot in a pharmacy store and a house. The visuals are old school, and so is the treatment given to the film. The climax of the film is also predictable and does not showcase anything new, making this film a routine and dull watch.

Dear Nanna Verdict

On the whole, Dear Nanna is a short film that has a very relatable premise of people losing their loved ones during the COVID-19 lockdown. As multiple films have been made in this genre, Dear Nanna is quite routine and has the same predictable narration. Only a select few scenes of father and son make an impact and the rest is ordinary.

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