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Demon Slayer Entertainment District Arc episode 5 review: Tengen Uzui's God-like presence does not work in his favour

The makers of Entertainment District Arc are hell-bent on showing Tengen Uzui as "flamboyant" but the creepy nature never worked in his favour.

  • Shaheen Irani

  • OTTplay

Last Updated: 04.27 AM, Jan 03, 2022

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Tengen Uzui realizes that trouble has fallen upon everyone who he sent to fight the demons. Thus, he takes matters into his own hands, way after other people fight for him.


The episode begins with Tengen Usui being efficient, which is the better side of him. It is a short glimpse which continues after a short break. It is a bizarre situation where the strong girl shows respect for Tengen, who has rarely shown why he deserves any respect. Apart from taking the dangerous mission head-on, there is no reason to show him respect.

After a long time, we get a glimpse of Tengen's swordsmanship. It's not out-of-the-ordinary per say and even Tanjiro has a more flamboyant swordsman spirit.

We have a flashback of the beautiful moments between Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke. We also get a glimpse of Kyojuro Rengoku, before something magical happens.


Inosuke's mad self is entertaining as always. His passion for sniffing out demons makes him an interesting character and that continues with the episode too. His stunts are something to look forward to, this time too.

You meet a female Zenitsu which makes a scene super entertaining and irritating at the same time. The whole scene finally brings a sense of hope and shows us Tengen's powers which were hidden all along. It is safe to say that he is on a whole new level than everyone.

The scene gets undermined soon after since once again, the women end up worshipping Tengen when they also managed to save lives without his presence. Tengen says something "flamboyant" later but the effects are all mellowed down since he is given a God-like presence after undermining everyone's efforts which is basically looking down on everything everyone did to save humans from demons.

The post-credit scene informs us about why Tengen has three wives. It is a borderline funny scene but can definitely be avoided.


The makers of Entertainment District Arc are hell-bent on showing Tengen Uzui as "flamboyant" but the creepy nature never worked in his favour. When his fighting spirit did work in his favour, they again introduced elements that made him God-like and undermined everyone else. It is not something you need to watch or favour. Hence, you could skip this episode and still not miss much. Read up on the synopsis rather than wasting your time behind promoting a chauvinistic male ideology.

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