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Desai Diamonds review: Hiten Kumaar's web series is a gripping watch that works on almost all levels

Desai Diamonds has a gripping story and has a good execution too but the show doesn’t set the benchmark or is the perfect example of how shows should be

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 10.57 PM, Apr 27, 2022

Desai Diamonds review: Hiten Kumaar's web series is a gripping watch that works on almost all levels
Desai Diamonds.


Gujarat police kills the most wanted man JD and somehow, everything links back to the Desai family, especially Hitarth. The Desai family are into the diamond business which makes it tougher to identify the real culprit. What is the backstory to it all? Is Hitarth really a criminal or is it someone else?


It is often said that rich families hide dark secrets. With Desai Diamonds, you get to meet Desai family and be a part of their secret life.

Almost as soon as you enter this series, there is a mysterious vibe. Set in a port in Gujarat, a man carried a mysterious package. Now he isn't a saint for sure, meeting two tough men (JD and a local goon), at mid-night. As he walks, you have no idea what his intentions are. Is there going to be smuggling? Murder? Kidnapping? Ransom? One of the things go down and just like you expect, things go awfully wrong ever since. The music plays an important role in setting the environment from the word go.

The drama in this series could get a little much but that has now become a norm with the Gujarati film industry so you can ignore that and focus on the story. You see family feud where the drama is unavoidable and yet, it somehow adds to the mystery.

Diamond merchant Avinash Desai (Hiten Kumaar) has the look right. He is mysterious but everything around him is even more mysterious.

Hitarth (Parikshit Tamaliya) is the second mysterious character, followed by Vaidehi (Sonali Leke Desai). Their level of mystery keeps changing with every episode.

The romance angle in the series is quite mild. You never really understand or feel the love between the couples.

The series finally comes together beautifully. You finally get to know the whole back story behind the first scene and what makes it related to the Desai family.

What I don't understand is that two men are trying to get rid of a body from a traffic-filled area. Even a man walks by them but nobody takes notice. How?

S**ual assault is too common in the police force here. It is most certainly unbelievable at how casually both the man and woman treat what is harassment.

The cinematography in this show is surprisingly good. Whether long shots, aerial shots or close-ups, everything works well.

The storyline also eventually falls into place and makes Desai Diamonds a gripping watch. There are many sub-plots in the story and it could get a little too much to grasp at once but if you show some patience for this show, it rewards you with a gripping story, especially in the last three episodes.


Desai Diamonds is a dark tale. Even if at the face of it, you might feel like Desai family is happy and sorted, there are many things you do not know about this family that is into diamond business.

While the story is definitely gripping, Desai Diamonds also works on the execution level. Although a tad bit dramatic and predictable in a few places, this series unfolds beautifully and it is a visual treat.

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