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Destiny on Demand review: DocuBay documentary puts spotlight on astrology, but leaves some questions unanswered

Destiny on Demand review: Directed by Akul Tripathi, DocuBay’s latest documentary sheds light on the ancient practice.

Destiny on Demand review: DocuBay documentary puts spotlight on astrology, but leaves some questions unanswered

Destiny on Demand

Last Updated: 09.48 AM, Jun 10, 2024


Destiny on Demand: DocuBay’s latest documentary Destiny on Demand delves into astrology, seeking to shed light on the age-old practice, and delves into the evolution over the centuries and the criticisms it has received.

Destiny on Demand review: Astrology is an intriguing subject, irrespective of whether you believe it or not. From marriage to setting up of business and launch of films, people seek auspicious time from astrologers to ensure that their venture is not derailed by the influence of stars or planets.

The fact that astrology has survived for centuries and is still a much-believed concept is enough to make you sit up and delve into the topic. But the field has also drawn much flak over the years with people accusing it of being a ‘pseudo-science’ and the emergence of fraud astrologers has not helped in its cause either.


Among these arguments and the counter-arguments on astrology, a documentary that gives a breakdown of the subject was a welcome initiative. In its latest original documentary film, DocuBay lines up a slew of astrology experts, practising astrologers, and even the founding members of the astrology firms and clients who present the case on why astrology is relevant even in the 21st century. Lunar Astro founder Deepanshu Giri and celebrity astrologer Sundeep Kochar are among the experts who point to the merits of the 'divine science'. We are taken back in time to as far as 3,500 centuries ago when the concept existed, albeit in oral format. And astrology is not just limited to India as history enthusiasts remind us that even in Rome, the death of Julius Caesar was predicted by a seer, and the great general was stabbed to death by his trusted people on Ides of March (March 15).

But the other side of astrology is explored by a college professor, who confidently insists it is a 'pseudo-science' and cites the NASA website which categorically states that astrology and astronomy are not the same.

The documentary goes back and forth between the experts who vouch for astrology, the ones who object to it and even the neutrals who prefer to present the real scenario without taking any sides. Produced and directed by Akul Tripathi, the documentary is a good attempt that explores the evolution of the ancient practice to its present avatar with even AI entering the picture.

The most interesting part of the documentary is when it points out that astrology or ‘astro-tech’ is a billion-dollar industry. We get some mind-boggling figures on the profit that is being raked in by new-age firms that seek to cash in on people’s beliefs on the age-old practice.

But 52 minutes doesn’t appear to be a long enough duration to cover a topic as vast as astrology and give a thorough exploration of its pros and cons. Especially, the existence of fraudsters and the laws in the country against black magic just get passing references. A more in-depth analysis would have definitely helped the viewers.

Destiny on Demand verdict: The documentary, Destiny on Demand, is a much-needed venture, especially with the data showing that even Gen Z and millennials are turning to astrology, further accelerating the growth of the industry. Spare one hour of your time to catch up on this documentary to know if it aligns with your stars.

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