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Dhummas movie review: This Ojas Rawal starrer is surprisingly good

While the story or execution isn't novel per say, Dhummas still manages to surprise you with its twisted story.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 23, 2021
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Dhummas - Kinjal Rajpriya, Ojas Rawal.


A woman (Kinjal Rajpriya) gets into a relationship that ends up in domestic violence. Eager to die, she finds ways to kill herself. However, an opportunity presents itself in the form of a thief (Jayesh More). When he enters the house, she threatens him to kill her. However, things don't always work in their favour.


When I started watching Dhummas, I went ahead with zero expectations. The trailer gave out most of the story and thus, I thought it will have nothing more than a few scenes and some action to offer. However, much to my surprise, Dhummas (fog) caught my eyes, till the end came about. There was no way to understand what is happening till the very end moment. That is why the film is surprisingly good.

The film starts in a usual manner, introducing traffic in a city and then the focus shifts to a house and later, one person. The title song of the movie is revealed and during the time, the plot of the film also comes to light.

Dhummas uses intense music to tell its story. While it works for some scenes, it looks redundant for the others. The slow-motion scenes don't help the film either.

The drama gets a little interesting as it progresses. The victim becomes the suspect within a few split seconds. How the two people take control of life, makes up for the plot.

Fortunately, the song named Tu Mari Saathe Tu Taari Saathe, does not disturb the storyline but blends with the plot beautifully instead. As the story moves along, you get to see just how bitter the story is. Ojas Rawal takes minutes to get into the shade of the antagonist. He brings a lot to the otherwise one-toned story.

Jayesh More's optimism takes the film to a new light. Halfway through the movie, his character sketch takes a turn for the better. The movie tries to be funny but succeeds partly during the intense situation.

Chetan Daiya impresses as an actor in a scene with Kinjal Rajpriya. He gives so many expressions in a scene that even the lead, Kinjal, cannot pull off. Soon, the suspense adds on.

The last 15 minutes of the film between Kinjal and Jayesh is too intense and real. Kinjal's character develops well. The film also sees Malhar Thakkar in a cameo appearance, however, he fails to create a big impression.

The movie takes a very interesting turn. The film has a Don reference but it works well with the movie. The whole story unfolds beautifully. Thanks to that, the moments which appear insensible, start making sense.


Even though the concept or its execution of Dhummas isn't novel, you still do not see the twist till the very end. That acts as a huge surprise for the film. While the movie is too dramatised, you only tend to lose attention for the first 10 minutes. Later, when you get into the mood to see how the movie progresses, there is very little reason to look away from the screen. It is a job well done by the director Kartavya Shah as well as the actors.

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