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Drifting Home review: This anime film goes too dark for its own good

You need to drift miles away from this movie.

Drifting Home review: This anime film goes too dark for its own good
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 05.33 AM, Sep 20, 2022



Natsume and her brother Kosuke visit their ancestral home which has now been tagged as a haunted house. They do not know what an eerie adventure lies ahead of them.


Set during the summer vacation, Drifting Home is about a young girl named Natsume, who is assumed to be a ghost living in a haunted house. A school group goes to the haunted house.

The VFX in this film, while trying to floor you, has the opposite effect. There's a lot of chaos and it takes a lot of effort to get to terms with what's happening on screen - something that should not be the case since films are either entertaining or educating.

The fun elements in the film are on point. However, since the story is rather slower, it could get boring to a great extent.

The story takes a dark turn soon after, one you barely see coming. It is, however, too loud. Since it is about school kids in a panic situation, that probably was unavoidable.

School kids going on an adventure is always cool but the problem with anime is that the concept is done-and-dusted. Thus, Drifting Home has nothing exclusive to offer.

If you can stand the movie for the first few minutes, it does give you elements of thrill. However, sitting through the first few scenes is a challenge in itself since the story develops too slowly.

There's pain and magic in equal amounts in this film but you can barely feel it because the story does not connect with you. It doesn't reach your heart no matter how hard it tries to.

This movie does not even end on a sensible note. Just for the sake of showing that the kids have went through a lot and they might not be okay, there is a scene featuring them in a scenario which could have been done away with.


Drifting Home is nothing like a usual anime but it is also not like a usual film. This one has gone too dark for its own good. The film barely has anything to connect you to it. It's a drag with an illusion of magic in some places. Please avoid this one.