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Elite season 4 review: New characters drive the show up a notch, making for a riveting watch

The arrival of five new characters takes up Las Encinas by storm.

Jun 21, 2021
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What’s it about?

The fourth instalment of Elite, one of Netflix’s much-anticipated Spanish noir drama, begins with an investigation. The new year at Las Encinas begins with the arrival of five new characters - a new principal and his three kids along with a crown prince - who are all set to take over the elite school. The new chapter in the lives of the Las Encinas students, this season is filled with mysteries, class struggles and messier romances.

What’s hot?

While season 3 was all about tying the loose ends and wrapping up the mystery surrounding Marina’s death, the fourth season promises a new chapter in the lives of the students. Four new characters are introduced in the first episode and the show takes time to develop and place the new characters seamlessly into the storyline. With students getting murdered, going missing, getting addicted to drugs and everything in between, it was only fair that the elite private school needed to amp things up. Benjamin enters Las Encinas by cooking up a storm, firing Ander's mom Azucena, the principal of Las Encinas, and taking her place.

Along with him comes his three kids, with their own share of baggage and mysteries. We see Benjamin, the patriarch of the family ready to make some big changes at the school as the evolving storyline uncovers the differences within his dysfunctional family, revealing their backstory, one character at a time. Ari, the competitive good child, has a knack for fighting for her father's validation. Patrick, Ari's twin brother, is a common ground in the family, sometimes rebellious, sometimes supportive. Mencia, the youngest one, is the force of rebellion amongst the four, always at odds with her father.

Tensions run high in the first four episodes as scholarship students Omar and Samuel are at risk of being thrown out. The entry of a prince in the second episode, calls of ultra-security levels, pissing students off further. The initial four episodes also did a great job at giving a sneak peek into the original cast and the hidden fears that they carry from season 3. Each episode successfully builds up the suspense and intrigue, keeping audiences hooked.

The new season is also filled with romance that gets messier and kinkier. Fan favourites, Ander and Omar, are constantly put to test. With bonds being made and broken, the entertainment quotient in this season is at an all-time high.

What's not?

Despite the plotline that keeps you intrigued throughout, fans of the show might feel disheartened by the sidelining of the original cast members in the new season. Focus is entirely on the new characters, with the story progressing around them; the original cast has very little to do. Fazed by the arrival of new characters, the audience might miss the charm of the original cast, who deserved more attention.


While it is difficult for long-running shows to maintain the thrill and excitement season after season, Elite does a remarkably good job at introducing new characters and shifting the gear at the right time and brilliantly so. The entertaining show is also underlined with commentaries on class struggles and queer representation making it an engaging and entertaining watch.

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