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Family Aaj Kal review - Apoorva Arora’s series looks into the eyes of society and asks them to get it together

With some dark humour and familiar behaviour over the years in cinema, Family Aaj Kal tries to comforting but in times when being accepting is the last thing 'humans' do

Family Aaj Kal review - Apoorva Arora’s series looks into the eyes of society and asks them to get it together
Family Aaj Kal

Last Updated: 12.00 AM, Apr 03, 2024



What happens if the only daughter in a family, falls in love with a cab driver? Family Aaj Kal explores the changing dynamics within the family ever since the revelation.


“Judge karna aasan hai, aur samajhna mushkil,” is basically what Family Aaj Kal screams. It asks you to keep an open mind when it comes to people’s choice and in their own way, the show looks into the eyes of the society which is busy differentiating between Hindus and Muslims, to get it together.

Family Aaj Kal does not have an extraordinary beginning or anything spectacular to show in terms of scenes, for the show is about more than that. But it does commence with the normalized shot, which is of traffic and then, the main lead at her home. She does the chores, hinting that she lives alone but of course, that is not the case. The overthinking, given the situation, never stops. While that makes for a great start, it isn’t what keeps you going.


Episode one – Mann Ki Baat – is about the daughter, played by Apoorva Arora, dealing with a situation. She manages to keep things together with her acting. Nitesh Tiwari and Sonali Sachdev, too, nail it with their expressions in many scenes. This, added with the music, works well.

The first meeting with a driver is the highlight of the series. The ‘gira hua lagta hoon’ dialogue still takes the cake.

The second episode begins with the definition of family. Test drive, as the episode’s title suggests, is all about that, the family being tested. These family members go on a trip to meet cab driver, to judge what their daughter’s lover would be like. Were they wrong in making that particular move? You decide.

The series looks at how people judge others on the basis of profession too. Apart from that, it also explores manipulation within the family beautifully, especially with the elder generation coming into play.

The show tries to add some funny moments from time-to-time but it doesn’t click till the third episode, especially with the grandfather. Diversion (the title of the episode) commences with a diversion in the meeting.

For some reason, the series goes to monochrome zone, even when it is not about the past. The dark humour in this episode is not for everyone but if you get it, you will like it.

This is where the actors really shine. In particular, Nitesh Tiwari becomes a surprise element in the episode. While it is emotions in the third episode, the fifth episode sees his funny side.

Family Aaj Kal poster. (Courtesy: SonyLIV)
Family Aaj Kal poster. (Courtesy: SonyLIV)

The fourth episode delves into the first meeting between the couple. It also speaks about how love grew between them.

The same episode takes you from flashback to the present moment in the perfect way possible. It won’t be wrong to say that there’s a version of (Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Jab We Met character) Geet within the show.

The one and only song, which is a part of the episode, fits in perfectly with the series. The music just doesn’t disappoint or divert your attention from the matter by being too loud.

Episode five, Uno Reverse, sees the best of Sonali throughout the series. It marks the much-awaited grand finale of the series.


The Parikshit Joshi directorial, Family Aaj Kal, has some brilliant moments. However, they are few. Also, the show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In the times we live in, this one could rather become controversial than be accepted (which would be ironic for that is the message the show conveys). Family Aaj Kal is soft but unabashed when it comes to no judgement zone. That might not click with people who like to put their strong opinions forward. So, you can watch this one only if you belong to the category that is open to experiences.

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