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Faraway review: A refreshing take on romantic comedies with middle-aged characters

Naomi Krauss shines as a middle-aged woman chasing her happily ever after

Faraway review: A refreshing take on romantic comedies with middle-aged characters

A poster of Faraway

Last Updated: 05.19 PM, Mar 09, 2023


Story: Zeynep (Naomi Krauss) is unhappy since her life has not turned out the way she hoped. After the death of her mother, she goes off to a Croatian island, where her mother had bought a house long ago. She hopes to find peace and relaxation,but she hasn't reckoned with Josip (Goran Bogdan), who still lives on the property.

Review: Faraway is a German romantic comedy directed by Vanessa Jopp, with a multilingual cast that includes Naomi Krauss, Goran Bogdan, Adnan Maral, Bahar Balci, Artjom Gilz, and Davor Tomic. The film follows Zeynep Altin, played by Krauss, as she embarks on a journey to rediscover herself and find love after her mother's death.

The film's premise is simple yet engaging from the start. Zeynep's character arc is relatable as she seeks a break from her mundane life, wanting to explore the world and find joy once again. As Zeynep wakes up on a beautiful Croatian island next to a charming stranger named Josip Cega, played by Goran Bogdan, the film takes a hilarious turn, adding to its appeal.

Faraway offers a refreshing take on romantic comedies involving middle-aged characters, a genre that is in short supply. Krauss shines in her role as Zeynep, portraying her character's emotional journey with ease and confidence. Her chemistry with Bogdan is undeniable, making their on-screen moments quite entertaining.

The film's visuals are stunning, with the beautiful Croatian islands and the blue sea providing an excellent backdrop for the story. The film's simple and straightforward approach to the story, discourse, and composition might border on the obvious, but that is what makes the film charming and heartwarming.

Faraway's script also leans into the ageism component, which is a breath of fresh air in the rom-com genre. The film showcases the characters' vulnerabilities and imperfections, making them more relatable and endearing.

The film's highlight is undoubtedly Krauss's performance, as she takes on one of those roles that are a joy to play, portraying a woman who rediscovers herself after escaping from an exhausting routine and environment. Her character's journey is inspiring, reminding viewers that there is always scope to be happier, no matter what age you are.

The supporting cast also does an excellent job of bringing their characters to life. Maral and Balci play Zeynep's husband and daughter, respectively, who are dealing with their own struggles. Their performances add depth to the story, making it more than just a romantic comedy.

Verdict: The film's only downfall is that it is predictable, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. It is the kind of film that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy without having to overthink the plot. It is completely worth watching for anyone who is looking for a little laughter, warmth, or distraction.

Faraway is a charming and heartwarming romantic comedy that showcases middle-aged characters in a refreshing light. Krauss's performance is outstanding, and the film's visuals are stunning. While the film might be predictable, it is engaging, relatable, and offers a much-needed break from the chaos of the world. 


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