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Friends: The Reunion review - A much awaited nostalgic ride of a lifetime

Now this is what we call - closure!  P.S: Spoilers ahead!

Friends: The Reunion review - A much awaited nostalgic ride of a lifetime

Last Updated: 12.00 AM, May 27, 2021


We’ve cherished them, rooted for them and bonded with them, even if they never knew of our existence. If you have religiously followed every bit of Friends and have patiently waited for the gang of six to get back together in the same room, you’re probably going to bawl your eyes out right from the very beginning of Friends: The Reunion. The episode is all things bittersweet - though it is a trip down the memory lane with guest stars like Reese Witherspoon and Maggie Wheeler, Courtney Cox’s realisation towards the end of how there will never be a reunion again will break your heart once more.

The episode opens beautifully where the last scene of the show replays and the camera pans to the present-day with David Schwimmer entering the Stage 24 set after 17 years. The rest of the gang follows, with Matthew Perry being late (as usual). Jennifer Aniston and Cox are unable to hold their tears back as they navigate through the set of the apartment and fans will find themselves echoing the same emotion. Lisa Kudrow and Matt LeBlanc are still the most charming duo on the show, bringing with them immense warmth and energy with quick-witted remarks and heartwarming memories.

Friends: The Reunion - still
Friends: The Reunion - still

Friends: The Reunion is interspersed with the cast’s interview with James Corden in front of the iconic water fountain, which alone is enough to make us smile in reminiscence. The presence of Corden does not add much to the narrative but he’s not the focus anyway, so we’ll try not to dwell too much on it.

Over the course of the episode, the friends reread their scripts from some of their most popular scenes like Ross’ pivot moment and Monica’s jellyfish incident. Roschel lovers will be delighted to know that the duo had an actual crush on each other in the initial seasons and when they enact the script of their first kiss, the much-loved couple’s magic is restored. What makes the reunion all the more special is the way the viewers are taken back and forth from blooper reels to present day bonds that the six share and cherish.

Friends: The Reunion - still
Friends: The Reunion - still

Guest appearances by BTS, Cara Delevingne, Kit Harrington and David Beckham do little for the fans, who cannot wait for their favourites to take up centre stage once again. There are some exceptions though, like Lady Gaga who sings Phoebe’s precious Smelly Cat, and Elliot Gould and Christina Pickles who recall how they felt as though they really were the gang’s parents. Marta Kauffman, David Crane and Kevin Bright’s revelations on how they cast the show and how they weaved Monica and Chandler’s story are absolutely marvellous.

The reunion episode has oodles of behind-the-scenes videos, where the cast members cuddling on Monica’s couch and laughing uncontrollably will warm your heart. The episode really makes you remember why you fell in love with the show in the first place. Friends is a celebration of family outside family and a tale of pure affection for one another which ultimately lets you know that even in your darkest moments, you’re not alone. Just like they did for each other, the six will be there for you when you need them. So, we suggest you grab a big cup of coffee - Central Perk style - and grab onto your box of tissues because this reunion episode is the ride of a lifetime.


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