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Gaami Review - The Vishwak Sen starrer is a new-age, gripping cinematic experience

Gaami Review: The Vishwak Sen-starrer has impressive thrills, a great storyline, and a spellbinding background score.

Gaami Review - The Vishwak Sen starrer is a new-age, gripping cinematic experience

Gaami poster

Last Updated: 03.41 PM, Mar 08, 2024


Gaami Story

Shankar (Vishwak Sen) is an Aghora who cannot sustain a human touch. He then comes to know that the solution to his problem is to find a sacred flower, the Mali Patra, which is only available in the Himalayas. On the other hand, a group of scientists keeps experimenting on humans for a special cause. They torture a man (Mohammad Samad) for the same. In the third story, a village head is after a small girl (Harika) to make her a Devadasi. These two stories are connected to Shankar's story, in which he embarks on a journey to bring the Mali Patra. What is the connection between these stories and did Shankar reach his goal with the basic story of Gaami?

Gaami Review

Gaami has been in the making for over five years now and is made on a very low budget of under Rs 10 crore. The first thing that attracts you to Gaami is the visuals. Considering the budget, the output is amazing. Credit should go to director Vidyadhar for penning a solid storyline that is novel and has the elements of thrill, adventure, suspense, and drama.

Three parallel tracks are showcased and each has its charm. How these stories are connected in the climax is thought of quite well by the director. One of the drawbacks of the film is the pace with which the story unfolds. The first half of Gaami is a tad slow but things change track in the second half and make the proceedings quite racy. The Aghora angle, why the hero is facing such a curse and the scientific reason behind it are nicely induced into the narrative.

Credit should go to Vishwak Sen for accepting a story like this and headlining it despite having a mass image. If such stories are encouraged, Telugu cinema can go to the next level for sure. Yet another major asset of the film are the scenes that are shot in the Himalayas. The thrills showcased through Vishwak Sen's episode have goosebumps moments and will leave you in awe. How a tiger pounces on Sen, the adventure that happens next—such scenes are executed solidly.

A still from Gaami
A still from Gaami

Gaami is one of the most technically brilliant films made in recent times. Naresh Kumaran, who composes the background, is an unsung hero of the film. The way he elevates all the thrills takes the film to another level altogether. Chandini Chowdary makes a comeback after a long gap and ably supports Vishwak Sen in the film. Her daredevil action and composure in emotional scenes are showcased so well by the actress. 

The supporting cast is relatively new and ably adds to the narrative. Vishwak Sen, who is known to play hyperactive roles, plays an Aghora with panache. His subdued approach is superb and the young actor had to showcase so much through his eyes Sen was amazing in Gaami. He once again proves his versatile acting prowess in this film. Harika, who plays the lead in the third story, is one of the highlights of the film. She, along with her mother, played by Abhinaya, gave an impressive performance.

Vishwak Sen in Gaami
Vishwak Sen in Gaami

Gaami has a great production design. The jail episodes where a few scientists tortured people have been well showcased. The period set up and the stunts designed are superb and the one with the tiger in the climax is just stunning. A chunk of the film is shot during snowfall and the solid camerawork showcases these scenes superbly.

Gaami has its flaws. Some subplots are not handled well. Although the twist in the climax is superb, it should have been narrated more effectively. More drama and clarity in this sequence would have ended the film on an even more gripping note. Also, Chandini Chowdary's track about how she escapes death is not showcased properly. 

Gaami started as a crowd-funding film and got stuck due to the lack of funds for the VFX work. One also gets the feeling that if the director had a bigger budget, he would have surely executed the thrills in a better manner. Producer Karthik Sabarish has done well to hold on to the film and has proved that when there is content, no one can stop the film.

Gaami will be loved by those who love watching new-age cinema. Though the masses might find it a bit difficult to understand a few scenes, the rest will enjoy Gaami for sure, as it takes Telugu cinema to another level in terms of filmmaking.


Gaami Verdict

On the whole, Gaami is a solid cinematic experience that will hold your attention till the end. It has thrills, adventure, drama, and solid emotions. If you ignore the slow pace, Gaami will immerse you in its solid storytelling. Recommended.

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