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Game On Review - The Geetanand, Aditya Menon thriller has an intriguing premise but is let down in the last act

Game On Review - The Geetanand, Aditya Menon thriller has an intriguing premise but is let down in the last act. Read our detailed review here. 

Game On Review - The Geetanand, Aditya Menon thriller has an intriguing premise but is let down in the last act
Game On

Last Updated: 03.50 PM, Feb 02, 2024


Game On Story

Game On is the story of Siddharth (Geetanand), who loses his job and gets cheated on by his girlfriend. Upset with this, he tries to commit suicide but suddenly gets a weird call to play a game and win money. At first, Siddharth ignores the call but when he starts playing the game, he wins big money. Things change overnight for Siddharth as he becomes a confident, rich man. But sadly, Siddharth gets engrossed in the world of crime through this game and is asked to commit murders. What is this game? Who is behind it? And why Siddharth was chosen to commit these crimes? That forms the basic story of the film.

Game On Review

Game On is directed by Dayanandh, who is also Geetanand's brother. He has penned a psychological thriller with different stages of thrill. The basic set-up of the film is interesting: a man who is done and dusted with his life enters a game and gets involved in a series of crimes that have a purpose related to his past. This aspect is set up interestingly.

There are not many characters in the film and the cat-and-mouse game played between Geetanand and Aditya Menon is handled well for the most part. But in all this, a few levels of the game are overdone for no reason. That is the reason a few fights and scenes look over the top.

When you make psychological real-life game thrillers like Game On, the twists should be quite impactful, but that does not happen here. Things unfold at an easy pace and the crime showcased is also pale after a while. The film has some decent moments to enjoy. Aditya Menon's character enters the scene and makes the hero play the deadly game; this has been thought of quite well by the director.

Game On poster
Game On poster

Also, the makers take way too many cinematic liberties with the crimes showcased that cannot be overlooked in the film. Also, how the story unfolds in the first 15 minutes is quite boring. But one aspect that is quite impressive in the film is the background score. It elevates the film quite well and has been composed superbly. The dark tone of the film brings a lot of depth to the proceedings.

Director Dayanand falters in the last half an hour when Madhubala's role takes prominence. The twist related to her character is good but the way it is unveiled in an over-the-top manner does not go well with the audience. It is more of a snooze fest. One gets the idea that the game is related to the hero's past and the flashback is also showcased in a gripping manner. But once all this is revealed in the last half an hour, things become quite boring.


Geetanand is decent in his role. Although he looks naive in his character, he maintains his hold in the second half and does well. Neha Solanki looks gorgeous and provides the needed glamour in the film. The chemistry between the main leads is also quite good. Aditya Menon is known for his intense roles and he has an interesting character and does well. It is only because of his strong presence that the game looks interesting to watch.

Although the film is made on a low budget, the visuals are good. The camerawork nicely captures the mood of the film and the production design is good. The dialogues are fine but the editing could have been a lot better in the film.

Game On director Dayanandh
Game On director Dayanandh

Game On has a mother-son bond as the backdrop but this aspect does not move you emotionally. Perhaps it is because of Madhubala's image or her act that this angle is not elevated well and looks odd in the climax. Barring the climax, Game On has an interesting premise and could have been elevated in a better way. But still, it can be given a shot for its unique theme.

Game On Verdict

On the whole, Game On is a psychological thriller that has some interesting scenes. The production design and background score are superb but one gets the feeling that the concept should have been narrated with more gripping twists to make the viewing experience even better.

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