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Girls Hostel 3.0 review: Parul Gulati-Ahsaas Channa’s series starts off great but ends up being melodramatic

Girls Hostel had a certain charm to it which is lost with its latest season.

Girls Hostel 3.0 review: Parul Gulati-Ahsaas Channa’s series starts off great but ends up being melodramatic
Girls Hostel 3.0.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.41 PM, Nov 25, 2022



Zahira Ali has become the head of the student council. She has managed to beat Ramya Mantri in doing so. Will she be able to bring the calm in the chaotic girls’ hostel of dental and medical college?


Girls Hostel has been prided in how cool it has been with every passing season. With season 3, while the show introduces some cool people, it also leans towards way too much drama that tends to spoil the plot.

As soon as it commences, Girls Hostel 3.0 gets into the drama. Parul Gulati's Zahira Ali, Srishti Srivastava's Jo and Jayati Bhatia as the dean, have an intense moment. This time, interestingly, instead of Khushbu Baid's Palak, Ahsaas Channa's sweet Richa takes the lead.

Gagan Arora's Aarav is missing this time. Simran Natekar's Mili, on the other hand, shows a slight change in character. She has nuances of bubbly but is no longer the Mili you knew.

Zahira takes her fashion to a new level this time. Even though her role is briefer, it has the most ups and downs in this series.

Jo has softened up this season. She is not the nakchadhi you fell in love with since the first season. In fact, she is more involved this time. However, her badass attitude still makes her one of the coolest students.

The new entry Vipaasana though, takes the limelight away from Jo. Together, they are unstoppable.

Trupti Kamkar as warden is still hilarious. She has grown over Tulsi this time around.

Shreya Mehta as Ramya Mantri makes an eventual entry. She doesn't come across as prude instantly but eventually does. Her character growth is one of the more impressive things in the series.

You get to see Zahira and Jo's bond grow even this season. However, unfortunately, like always, their equation is jinxed.

Ramya's life is explored in detail. You get to see her father and where her attitude comes from.

One of the main characters leaves the show early on. Her exit makes for an emotional moment.

The drama in this season intensifies, mainly thanks to the camera angles that focus on individual facial expressions.

The show does get super dramatic at one point and the realism slowly fades away. It goes downhill from there. This season is barely anything like the last two seasons in that sense.

Girls Hostel 3.0 has not gone the way the previous seasons were. The previous two brought a new concept to light. However, season 3 leans towards drama mid-way and that is not as cool.


For the love of Girls Hostel, stay happy watching season 2 unfold. Season 3, even though it touches upon some beautiful topics, only touches them than exploring it in detail. The only thing that is explored in detail is a done-and-dusted melodramatic story.