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God's Favorite Idiot S1 review: Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone's lovely chemistry keeps the show afloat

The comedy-drama series also stars Laslie Bib in a major role.

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 10.07 AM, Jun 20, 2022

God's Favorite Idiot S1 review: Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone's lovely chemistry keeps the show afloat

A still from the show


The story follows Clark, who gets struck by lightning and becomes the unwitting messenger of God, while at the same time, he falls in love with his colleague, Amily.


Clark (Ben) steps out into the backyard to find his cat to feed her dinner but God had some other plans for him. He gets struck by a lightning from a special cloud that formed just above his house. Hours after when he woke up, he did not understand what happened to him, and neither did he care. After a few days, he along with the whole world witnessed that he glows (literally).

Most of the sequences in the show take place in an office, where the protagonist has a girlfriend, Amily (Melissa) and a few supporting friends. Most of the time, the series feels like any regular office sitcom such as The Office but less funny.

Being a romantic drama fan, I found Amily and Clark's relationship as one of the most real things in the series. The spark between Mellissa and Ben is still going strong even after their 23 years of marriage and it shows in their characters as well.

God's Favorite Idiot has a lot of mythological characters such as angels, satans, the devil and God as well. Laslie Bib plays the sexy satan in the series, who lands on earth just with the motto to kill God's new favourite human.

Clarke has got a special goal to fulfill that has been assigned to him by God. However, the first season doesn't reveal what exactly it is. Although, the scene where God officially informs him about his job and the place that he needs to go, is one of my favourite sequences. God lands as Clark's nurse, who used to take care of him when he was little. God then speaks mind to mind to inform him about his upcoming goal. Something struck in the protagonist's mind and he understands everything.

The makers have tried hard with the satirical punches and hilarious dialogues. However, most of them failed to make me laugh. Meanwhile, a few sequences will also remind you of the hit show Lucifer. Lesley Ann-Brandt is the aptest person to play Mazikeen in Tom Ellis's show, while Laslie Bib is also a perfect actor to play Satan in God's Favorite Idiot. Her character has a knack for sarcasm in most of her conversations which makes her even more attractive.

Although Melissa's simple presence lifts up the show and keeps it afloat, her fashion style is another great thing about her. Meanwhile, to showcase the realness between Clark and Amily's relationship, the real-life husband-wife can be seen putting their own experiences into their reel-life characters as well.

The show ends abruptly as after God's order, Clark flees with Amily to another place for his mission. This makes me wait (not eagerly) for the next season just to know about Clark's goal, while I also expect it to be more fun.


Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone's reel love story with a barrage of heavenly things is watchable. However, the lack of humour makes it worthy of just a one-time watch.