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Goldhana Ni Golmaal review: Nayan Shukla's play is an almost entertaining watch

Only if the sexist remarks did not exist, this play could be the complete package.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 12.54 PM, May 29, 2022

Goldhana Ni Golmaal review: Nayan Shukla's play is an almost entertaining watch
Goldhana Ni Golmaal.


Dhabo mama (Nayan Shukla) comes to his sister's rescue when her husband dies. He also rescues his nephew, who has to pay off his father's debt. The family is constantly in a fix and sometimes, there appears to be just no way of getting out of it.


Goldhana Ni Golmaal is one of the fewer plays that brings out all emotions but also never goes to the extent where you are bored. Nayan Shukla, as expected, is the hero of this play, even if he isn't exactly who the story revolves around.

Neha Pakai comes to the play first and is savage as a mother of two daughters and a son. She is savage but doesn't have much to contribute to the story further.

Allok Thakar appears soon after, as her son and brother of the two sisters. He is one of the lead characters who only performs fairly well.

Mahek Bhatt plays his girlfriend who is bullied by the two daughters. She has a very brief role but is cute.

Nayan Shukla finally makes an entry. He plays Dhabo mama in the play and is one of the most interesting characters for obvious reasons - he's the most hilarious.

The jokes in this play are age-old but still effective. 'Bin phere hum tere' to describe love-in relationship is still as hilarious as it was the first time around.

As expected, something dramatic occurs soon. The tale takes some turn from boring to intense and thankfully, soon, there is fun involved too, even if in bits and parts.

Jokes at the expense of women just doesn't stop with Gujarati plays and this is no less. What's worse is that the men think that the women of the house need to get married 'to relieve the stress' that these men (and the woman of the house) have.

The background music works well with the scenes. In fact, some times, it adds to the scenes.

Despite having intense scenes, this play doesn't get very boring at any point. As soon as it feels like a drag, this play is back on the track.

Even though Goldhana Ni Golmaal has its weak moments, Nayan Shukla saves the show. Once you move past the sexist remarks, this play actually offers something that is loveable.


If refined in a few moments, Goldhana Ni Golmaal has full potential of being a complete package. It is entertaining and emotional in just the right amount. This is one play that brings out the true form of the art, well, almost. You can most definitely give this a one-time watch.