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Gora review: Ritwick Chakraborty's series is entertaining to the core

Also starring Ishaa Saha, the Hoichoi web series is entertaining not always in the laughing sense but also that it keeps you gripped even during intense interrogation scenes because of the way these scenes have been executed

Shaheen Irani
Jan 09, 2022
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Gora - Ritwick Chakraborty.


There's a new detective in town in Gora. He is forgetful and does not care for people in the conventional way. However, Gora has his own way of solving cases. In season 1, he solves the crime where people are killed by a pen nib.


Gora is not your typical detective. He is not even a conventional human but one thing Gora excels at is being smart and loveable.

The series begins on a mysterious note. It is the music which takes the scene a notch above.

Ritwick Chakraborty in the role of Gora has as crazy an entry as expected of him. His character is also quite interesting since he has no clues about what is happening in his life, despite being a detective. Gora has OCD which gives his character more edge. He makes every scene pretty entertaining to watch.

If Gora is loud, Ishaa Saha's character Somlata is a complete contrast. She is soft-spoken but judgemental, both of which Gora is not.

Gora is very instinctive as a detective and often figures things out in an instant. His IQ is shown through the stereotypical way - him playing a game of chess.

Suhotra Mukhopadhyay plays his role well as Gora's assistant Aga. While being a doormat most of the time, he has a brain of his own which is shown just as well here.

The stories are crisp and to-the-point which makes Gora such a good watch that you do not realize the series is over. Gora's carefree attitude in life, especially, keeps you gripped to this series.

The camera angles work well in telling the story, especially Babai's. Another thing that works well for Gora the character as well as the series is that he is human. He forgets, makes mistakes but eventually, he does figure out what he has to and does his job extremely well at that.

The careless behaviour continues right up till the end. This makes Gora a fun watch. Furthermore, it hints at a new season which is most definitely good news since the show has managed to strike a mark as entertaining.


Gora is an entertaining watch and not just in a funny way. There are many scenes where people get to see the suspects and victims. Each of these scenes have been dealt with quite well and leave you intrigued. Not just Ritwick but even someone as soft as Ishaa manages to catch your attention which makes Gora humane and entertaining. Thus, the series is a recommended watch.

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