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Happily Never After series review: A cute attempt at rom-com

Happily Never After stars Netri Trivedi, Tatsat Munshi and Archan Trivedi in the lead roles.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 07, 2021
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Happily Never After - Tatsat Munshi, Archan Trivedi, Netri Trivedi.


Pratik and Aakruti aka Prakruti want to get divorced. However, the judge disagrees with the decision and thus, he holds sessions before passing court judgements. Can he change Prakruti's mind or will he change his own?


Happily Never After is a show that attempts to go into the romantic-comedy space and even succeeds to a certain extent. However, it ends up being theatrical.

The show introduces itself on the grounds of Galaxy Apartment. All of those familiar with Salman Khan, know exactly what that means. Once the show begins from a party being hosted on the grounds of the apartment, it just establishes being a tribute to romantic Salman aka Prem.

That is when we meet Aakruti and Pratik aka Netri Trivedi and Tatsat Munshi. The frustration between them is clear from the first frame. Although they are good actors, the looks don't suit them well.

The music in this show tends to get a bit dramatic, even though it aims to be funny. The series has a very theatrical (play) vibe. It goes on slowly and doesn't work as flawlessly as a series should.

Archan Trivedi brings a light mood to the boring series. Happily Never After has a backstory that you probably wouldn't see coming.

The series takes a hilarious turn. The drama continues but thankfully, it gets better. As the series comes to an end, it takes you on a journey with you. There is finally some pace in episode 4 but still, the story takes its own time to progress.

Happily Never After actually shows the true meaning of 'distance makes the heart grow fonder.' The series ends on a note that will warm your heart and make you smile.

The fifth episode keeps dragging. It appears the filmmakers thought just adding music would make the story interesting but it makes it only dramatic. The series hints at a sequel in an interesting manner.


Happily Never After (a dig at post-wedding situations) is a cute attempt. It tries to bring romance and comedy to the front but succeeds only in one or two scenes. The series, otherwise, keeps dragging in a play format or tends to become dramatic. The fun music also doesn't help the show bounce back. Episode 4 is the best out of the whole season.

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