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Happy Ending Movie Review - The Yash Puri starrer is over the top, silly and clueless

Happy Ending Review - The Yash Puri starrer is disappointing. Although it has a decent script, it is spoiled by faulty narration. 

Happy Ending Movie Review - The Yash Puri starrer is over the top, silly and clueless
Happy Ending

Last Updated: 06.53 PM, Feb 02, 2024


Happy Ending Story

Harsh (Yash Puri) suffers from a deadly curse given by a godman (Ajay Ghosh). Due to his curse, whomever he gets physically involved with or fantasises about dies in weird circumstances. One fine day, he meets Avani (Apoorva Rao) and falls in love with her. Soon, the couple gets closer and this creates new tension for Harsh as Avani's life is now in danger. What is this curse? How does Harsh solve this issue and save Avani? This is the basic story of Happy Ending.

Happy Ending Review

Happy Ending is based on the story of Harsh, who is suffering from a weird curse and everyone he gets involved with physically dies in no time. Plot-wise, this aspect looks nice on paper and is also established on a decent note at the beginning of the film. But once that happens, the director, Kowshik Bheemidi, does a disappointing job with his execution.

Despite having an interesting premise, the comedy is underutilised, and the romance is also quite dull in the film. The early years of the main character's life capture our attention. The curse and the subsequent events that unfold grab our attention in the beginning.

Happy Ending's major flaw lies in its perplexing narration. The chosen plot could have been conveyed with humour or emotion, but unfortunately, it was presented in the most uninspiring manner. The screenplay lacks a clear structure, leaving the audience with a sense of irritation for the most part.

Happy Ending trailer launch
Happy Ending trailer launch

The way each character is written does not showcase anything new. The main lead's role looks silly and he seems clueless for the most part. Why does he suffer from a curse and knowing all this, why does the heroine fall for him? Such logic goes for a toss in the film. The writing is bland and this affects the entire structure of the film.

Also, the pacing of the film is a major issue. The film moves at a snail's pace and the makers keep on saying that the climax is key. But sadly, things end on a very predictable note. While the first half offers a few comedic moments involving Vishnu Oi, the laughter dwindles later. The entire second half becomes a test of patience, making it challenging to endure.

Yash Puri
Yash Puri

Yash Puri holds his character well, even though it is not written well. The female lead, Apoorva Rao, is the best part of the film. Although it is her debut film, she does a good job and looks beautiful. The rest of the supporting cast is not even worth mentioning here. The music by Ravi Madarthy is decent, as was his background score.

The visuals are neat and so is the production design. The dialogue was cheesy and the worst part was the editing. Close to 20 minutes in the film could have been easily chopped off to make things better. But that does not happen and the film drags on and on. As said earlier, subject-wise, Happy Ending had scope to be a quirky comedy but was spoiled by some silly execution right from the beginning.


Happy Ending Verdict

On the whole, Happy Ending is a script that looks good on paper but is spoiled with faulty narration. Lengthy runtime, boring scenes, and over-the-top emotions are major drawbacks of this film, which can be easily skipped this weekend.

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