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Heavenly Bites - Mexico review: This series is a tasty journey you should relish already!

Heavenly Bites: Mexico is more than just about food. It is about the culture and the Mexican people.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 11.12 AM, Jan 23, 2022

Heavenly Bites - Mexico review: This series is a tasty journey you should relish already!
Heavenly Bites: Mexico.


Mexico is known for its various dishes all across. However, there are a few dishes which have worked well only locally. Heavenly Bites: Mexico explores the dishes and the story behind every dish and the makers.


Fancy and weird - that definitely describes Mexico's food. It is what the series, Heavenly Bites: Mexico, also focuses on.

Michelada is the first dish introduced. For those of you who have not heard of it, it is a hangover cure that consists of drinks of your choice - beer, vodka, veggies of your choice and additional elements of your choice - shrimp, gummy bears, sauces. As crazy as it sounds, the episode is all about the way this drink is presented.

The episode shows how popular the drink is all across Mexico and to what extent people would go to sell the drink. The chilled out nature of Mexicans also comes forth beautifully in the episode which adds just the right amount of extra sugar to the episode. The statement, "In Mexico, partying is a religion," holds so true and makes so much sense in the episode.

Next up is a recipe even Indians can try at home simply using Doritos. Who doesn't like chips? But did you thunk one could make chaat with those chips? And not just with the veggies! That's right. The second episode focuses on the street food that deserves to be tried out.

The camera angles add to understanding the culture of Mexico. The makers have ensured to show people of all ages and types in their full glory while enjoying a good meal after a hard day at work and working to sell their food. We see gays and transexual people being normalized and socializing which is so amazing to watch.

The deserts in Mexico are nothing new. They make shakes with abundance of chocolates, fruits and chocolate sticks. However, they have found (an almost) healthier option in sweets by adding tamarind and fruits. To retain the sweetness, this dish also has a chocolate covered fruit in all its glory and chips to bring in the savoury flavour. Is your mouth watering yet? That's what the third episode does to you! What I personally missed seeing in the episode, though, is churros in its full glory. It is one of the most popular fried dish across the globe but was missed out on. However, one cannot completely blame the makers for that since the series explored unique dishes over popular ones.

The crazy scenario comes across in episode four, where we see foods which weigh almost a kilogram. Who can blame them? Mexico loves its food just as much as America, clearly!

The next dish you learn about is the concha. It is basically anything added to bread, whether sweet or savoury, it is completely people's choice. There is another aspect. The makers show a story about a person who spreads a message through the concha she makes with her father.

If America has Subway, Mexico has torta. The last episode pays a tribute to the humble bread and the endless possibilities of things you can add to it. Imagine tacos inside the sub. Yes, you've got it in Mexico and it in fact, like you would have guessed, is quite popular. The other difference between a sub and torta is that a torta could be eaten with a guacamole or salsa on top of it and that's just the beginning.


While the series set off with an interesting start, it all just became about playing about with the humble bread soon after. Nonetheless, the experimental foods are sure to intrigue many. Thus, give this one a watch.