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Heropanti 2 review: Tiger Shroff-Tara Sutaria's movie lives on its dialogues with action and story that make you cringe

"Choti bacchi ho kya" is what we want to ask the makers. While the writer Rajat Arora has penned, "Mujhe light aur limelight dono pasand nahi hai," this is the one movie where his credit is due, for the dialogues in Heropanti 2.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 08.36 AM, Apr 29, 2022

Heropanti 2 review: Tiger Shroff-Tara Sutaria's movie lives on its dialogues with action and story that make you cringe

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RJ (Tiger Shroff) is a student who is in search of a job. He meets Inaaya (Tara Sutaria) who instantly recognises him as Babloo (his secret identity). Thereafter, Heropanti 2 is a chase between the hero Babloo and the villain Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui).


Heropanti 2 has a dialogue, "Phatne se pehle phatne wale ki na phate toh phir kya fatteh." Unfortunately, the makers didn't understand the formula or what their own writer wanted to convey. There are no moments in the film that instill the fear of Laila (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) in you nor there are moments when Babloo (Tiger Shroff) emerges as a superhero who saved the day, even if he does.

As soon as the movie begins, we are introduced to the grand villain of the film - Nawazuddin Siddiqui's Laila. He charms a snake and impresses the audience in the film with his magic. Honestly, we don't see what the audience sees but since that is just the beginning, the makers could be given another chance. But unfortunately, even an actor like Nawaz could barely hold the script together. Once again, the makers try to bring Nawaz's devil side out like in Kick but fail miserably because here, Laila is psychotic but not scary enough to make you want to sit through the film.

As soon as you are introduced to Heropanti 2, you witness one thing that could make you want to leave your seat. The lip-sync in the film is off and this movie tries to be grand. Throughout Laila's introduction scene, all your instincts ask you to get up and leave (and they will be right, mostly) but somewhere, you will want to watch how this movie unfolds because who can judge a movie in 5 minutes, right? But there is nothing wrong if you do as well because the next one and a half hour is nothing but a disappointment. The real movie only begins in the last half an hour.

Tiger Shroff is introduced like he is 'Student of The Year'. Unfortunately though, simply adding glasses, a bag and a bicycle doesn't make a 32-year-old Babloo (Tiger) a student. After seeing Tiger in action throughout, seeing him resist will simply make you wonder what do you have to look forward to and where is Tiger's 'Heropanti'? You will be left waiting for the first half an hour of the film because this hero keeps taking a beating or playing a shareef launda ever since his introduction.

When he gets into action though, it is Salman Khan meets Rohit Shetty style. Of course, the Tiger element is also there and you see bits of Hrithik Roshan too. Even in this movie, Tiger finds excuses to go shirtless and while we're not complaining, we definitely want to see more out of this actor's films. After all, we've seen him in enough action already.

When introduced, Heropanti 2 simply makes you wonder if it is a Student of The Year remake. Tara Sutaria's Inaaya gets out of a pink sports car and all you see is her reprising her role from SOTY 2. Her Punjabi is awesome but that's all there is to her, apart from the cringe-worthy commentary she makes throughout the movie. Also, Tara is a damsel in distress, which, honestly, nobody wants to see today, especially after even Katrina Kaif's action in Tiger Zinda Hai.

Tiger and Tara's chemistry is instant but confusing. The makers simply don't make it clear if the scene is in the continuation or a flashback. While they are weird, the two are cute in their own way.

The story of this film is revealed and things finally get interesting. The background music, however, is completely out-of-sync with the scenes, ever since Heropanti 2 begins.

The dialogues in the movie are legendary once again and you can thank Rajat Arora for that. "Choti bacchi ho kya," is back too and it is delivered at the perfect time.

Saharsh Kumar Shukla is good as always. He is, however, still the bechaara in his cameo appearance.

Amrita Singh is adorable as a mother. She has a backstory that is revealed in the second half of the film.

The songs in Heropanti 2 don't necessarily take the plot ahead and so, they simply extend the movie more than needed. There is just no end to the cat-and-mouse chase in the name of the story, penned by Sajid Nadiadwala. The interval just doesn't come, let alone the movie ending.

The real action begins in the second half of Heropanti 2. It is the typical Tiger Shroff-style action. The game between Babloo and Laila is actually just half an hour long and it is the only good thing in the film.

The curtains fall, literally but your anxiousness goes up. The scene is the only one, which makes you wonder what is to come but of course, there is no surprise element there too.

Kriti Sanon comes as a surprise in Whistle Baja 2.0 and even her appearance is better than Tara in the whole film. Sure enough, Babloo was right in asking, "Choti Bacchi Ho Kya?" The answer is a definite yes since Inaaya is simply a supporting character and like a bimbo that cinema viewers left behind more than a decade ago.


Heropanti 2 is a movie that works on cringe-worthy and unrealistic action scenes. In the times when content is the king, Heropanti 2 is a sheer disappointment. While the dialogues of the film will make you go 'whistle baja', the makers appeared to have made the movie to only attract trolls and memes.

Further, the film plays safe and simply includes tried-and-tested scenes. Thus, nothing surprises you in this movie.

If you are a fan of Tiger, watch the second half of Heropanti 2 because that is when he gets into real action. Of course, the five minutes before the interval are good for you too but you wouldn't want to watch the first half just for the one scene.

If you like Nawazuddin, he has performed well but gives you nothing new and we don't really blame him since that was his character graph. His dialogue exchange in Tiger Shroff's presence is something you might like, though.

If you're a fan of Tara, I have nothing to say to you after watching this film. However, the one thing you might like is her instant chemistry with Tiger. She is a romantic heroine here and that's all there is to her. If you want to watch Heropanti 2 for her still, all the power to you.

We would still say that the dialogues work their magic and the last five minutes, which wrap up the movie, are actually the good bits in Heropanti 2. That is where you see the real 'heropanti' and everything else is 'kaayarpanti'.

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