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Hostel Daze season 3 review: Nikhil Vijay and Luv Vispute shine in this laughter riot

Abhinav Anand's direction is decent, but it's the performance of the pivotal actors that keeps you hooked.

Hostel Daze season 3 review: Nikhil Vijay and Luv Vispute shine in this laughter riot

Luv Vispute, Utsav Sarkar, Shubham Gaur, Nikhil Vijay in Hostel Daze 3

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 07.04 AM, Nov 16, 2022



Hostel Daze season 3 chronicles the life of engineering students in their third year, where they meet new challenges and come across new dynamics in their relationships and friendships.


The show begins by elaborating on the characteristics of the pivotal characters and how much they have changed in the third year. Nikhil Vijay's Jatin Kishore aka Jhantoo still remains unchanged, while Akanksha and Ankit (Ahsaas Channa, Utsav Sarkar) are now in a relationship. Ayushi Gupta's Nabomita is a complete diva now, caring less about her academics than her reputation as the new hot girl in town, Jaat is suddenly into academics and now thoroughly follows his routine and studies. Meanwhile, Luv Vispute's Chirag is the most surprising package this time, while he has always been much more responsible than others, this time he is confident as well.

The show takes a little time to take off as it's not focused on any issue but plenty of small subjects that the hostelers and engineering students go through. 

It begins by showcasing how borrowing money with a promise to pay later is a never-ending vicious cycle between two friends. Apart from that, Hostel Daze season 3 also witnesses, the romance, the breakup, the politics as well as elections.

A few characters tickle you down the road and make us like them with their quirks including Ayushi's Nabomita as a complete babe, Akanksha and Ankit as they take their relationship to a new level as well as Jaat with his attempt to remain unsentimental, strong and macho. However, it's Luv's Chirag and Nikhil's Jhantoo, who stands out in the crowd.

It won't be wrong to say that Chirag's character and screen time in the show also help him showcase whatever he can and gladly, the actor utilizes his time well. In one of the episodes, he gets to investigate a case of theft and takes different avatars of detectives from around the world including Byomkesh Bakshi and Sherlock Holmes. Not only the get-up, but the young actor also takes up the accent well and makes us laugh with his performance as different detectives and investigators.

On the other hand, Nikhil as Jhantoo steals the second half just by remaining his weird yet confident self and making us laugh with his adult jokes and uncensored dialogues.

Utsav, who has landed as the new Ankit (earlier played by Adarsh Gourav), doesn't disappoint us but we still miss DOPA from season 1.

Among everything, Hostel Daze season 3 also showcases how all these friends stay together even after multiple conflicts as well as learn and grow with each other as they move ahead in their lives. The show has also plenty of surprising packages towards the end, which are enough to make us laugh as well as get a little emotional.

Abhinav Anand has done a decent job as the new director of the show. The latest instalment is definitely distinguishable from the last two in terms of the episodic patterns and characters' trajectory, while no one is complaining as it yet remains hilarious and a fun watch. 


The direction of Hostel Daze is good, but it's the performance that keeps us hooked to this comedy-drama tale of the hostel students. All the actors give their best, while Luv Vispute and Nikhil Vijay shine throughout the show.