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House of Lies review - Sanjay Kapoor can't save this ship from sinking

House of Lies review: Filmmaker Saumitra Singh's movie, starring Sanjay Kapoor and the late Rituraj Singh, premeired on ZEE5 and OTTplay Premium today (May 31). Here's our review of House of Lies!

House of Lies review - Sanjay Kapoor can't save this ship from sinking
House of Lies review. (Courtesy - ZEE5)

Last Updated: 12.03 AM, May 31, 2024


House of Lies story

Director Saumitra Singh's film House of Lies has Sanjay Kapoor headlining it. The actor, who plays Special Investigating Officer Rajveer Singh Chaudhary, sets out to solve a murder case. House of Lies revolves around Albert Pinto's demise (late Rituraj Singh), which his family claims is a 'natural death', but there's something suspicious. While the plot sounds interesting, how well has it been executed? Let's find out.

House of Lies review

Murder mysteries aren't new to OTT. Ever since this medium has witnessed substantial growth, we have seen several murder mystery web shows and films. So, the question is: how different is Sanjay Kapoor's film House of Lies ? Well, it's different in terms of the story and star cast. But the film's execution is nowhere close to some of the good murder mystery thrillers we have witnessed in the past.

Sanjay Kapoor in House of Lies. (Courtesy - ZEE5)
Sanjay Kapoor in House of Lies. (Courtesy - ZEE5)

House of Lies opens with an intriguing voiceover that highlights three different versions of the 'truth' when it comes to solving a case. We soon see Hiten Paintal as a sub inspector reaching the crime scene, i.e. Albert Pinto's house. Joining him on this case are Sanjay Kapoor, as Special Investigating Officer Rajveer Singh Chaudhary, and Simran Kaur Suri, aka Shashi, from ED. With Rajveer at the forefront, the team begins its investigation. Albert's brother Anthony, his sister-in-law Aastha, his wife Ragini and several others are suspects in this case.

But wait, who is the culprit? Who was the one who knew Albert's cryptocurrency account password and wanted to quickly make Rs 35 crore? The good thing about House of Lies is its runtime and title. However, even within the 1 hour and 21 minutes, the makers offer no thrills. The film's plot may sound great on paper but it falters due to shoddy execution. Had the film been any longer, it would've been a complete snoozefest.

Some dialogues in House of Lies are cryptic and there's no concrete backing to a few characters' backstories. Only a few moments and scenes add to the intrigue. But the abrupt cuts in between scenes lead to confusion. A web of deceit and betrayal was successfully laid in House of Lies but the film gets rather messy.

House of Lies star cast. (Courtesy - ZEE5)
House of Lies star cast. (Courtesy - ZEE5)

That said, actors Sanjay Kapoor and late Rituraj Singh have pulled off decent performances. But their effort to save this ship from sinking isn't supported well by the rest of the star cast.

House of Lies final verdict


The question that arises is whether you should stream or skip stream House of Lies. Well, you won't regret giving it a miss, as there's nothing extraordinary that the film has to offer.

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