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Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana review: Sanjay Goradia-Ashish Bhatt's play is made for those who didn't progress in the world

You will like Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana if you do not know what being practical in life means.

  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 03.35 PM, May 09, 2022

Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana review: Sanjay Goradia-Ashish Bhatt's play is made for those who didn't progress in the world
Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana - Sanjay Goradia, Ashish Bhatt.


Raju (Ashish Bhatt) wants to get married. His friend helps him find a match but she is a Muslim, Rukhsana (Leena Shah). Will they ever match?


Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana is a story that would have worked well even till the 90s. This is about a couple who falls in love, falls apart and comes back together. There is nothing new to see here except Sanjay Goradia and Ashish Bhatt's brotherhood.

Sanjay Goradia gets at comedy almost instantly with Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana. His quirk is pretty standard like him but since that is loved anyway, Sanjay nails it in his usual humour.

Ashish Bhatt's entry as Raju Rajghor is no less than a hero. He doesn't let age come in the middle of trying to do an O O Jaane Jaana.

The banter between the two is super fun. Ashish is surely too much fun and he matches Sanjay's energy, which is refreshing to watch.

Leena Shah as Rukhsana Karim Lala is adorable since her entry. However, she is soon sidelined, not matter how hard she tries to fit in.

There are scenes where there is a background playing to convey a scene. Not everyone can pull off such scenes but this play manages to do so well.

Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana promotes patriarchal mentality as Sanjay's character forces Rukhsana to do things that she otherwise might not. What's worse is that he asks Raju to eve tease her in order to impress her. Everything is a downfall for this one ever since. The sad part is, the first half an hour is the only tolerable thing and even that is just you giving this play an opportunity.

Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana is cheesy and unreal. The expressions between Raju and Rukhsana don't help the scenes either.

Raju and Rukhsana think that changing their attire will make them a part of another religion. This is the first step into offending humans who actually do everything to convert themselves.

The cheesy love is too much to handle. It makes up for a huge part of the play and gets a lot to take in.

Hu Raju Ne Rukhsana is the typical making fun of married life and then realizing the mistake kind of play. This concept is tried, tested and scratched upon so many times that the record isn't even appealing anymore.


Hi Raju Ne Rukhsana is stuck in a time where we don't live. The world has moved on and we only wish the makers moved on from this concept too. It is funny but only to an extent. Everything else is offensive in the name of comedy. Definitely skip this one. You have better things to look out for.