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IB 71 review: Vidyut Jammwal and Vishal Jethwa are thoroughly entertaining in this film

This is a no-brainer if you are a Jammwalian

IB 71 review: Vidyut Jammwal and Vishal Jethwa are thoroughly entertaining in this film
IB71 - Vidyut Jammwal

Last Updated: 09.02 AM, May 12, 2023



Pakistan is planning an attack on India. China gets involved too. Thus, IB officers have to find a way in which they can stop these attacks.


IB 71 commences with the typical mystery sequence. It is set in heavy rain, with government officials across the airport. As cliched as the first scene is, the movie is about what happens ahead.

Video clips from the past really help take the story forward. That being broadcast at the start of the film amps up the vibe of IB 71.

Vidyut Jammwal gives a voiceover before actually making an entry in the movie as Dev. This, of course, helps his character greatly. The music added to his introduction does little to enhance his entry, though.

Vidyut's introduction scene builds the story. He leaves an impression, mainly because of how the story goes and how he executes those scenes. Here, the music, paired with his dialogues, really works.

The actor gets into action mode almost instantly, but it is not like his previous movies. Here, the suspense factor works better. That said, Vidyut still has no competition when it comes to action, even if there are just a few in this movie.

He gets the style of 1971 correct, but that seems not to be too relevant in a few scenes. The camera angles, even if shaky, do their job of enhancing his action. It makes you feel like a part of the scene.

His confidence in his role and the film is plastered all over his face. That makes the second half of the film, at least the initial bits, way more interesting.

Anupam Kher as Awasthi is introduced and has an impact with one of his first dialogues. He has a smaller role but steals the spotlight in every frame.


Vishal Jethwa as Qasim Qureshi has a good introduction but is not at his best from the first frame on. He turns dangerous, and you fear him to an extent. This actor nails every emotion in the film, to the extent that you cannot take your eyes off him many times. Despite being the antagonist, he is a thorough entertainer in the role of a lost boy confident of his mission.

Ashwath Bhatt plays a powerful character, and he does justice to his role through the script given to him. It isn't the best characterization in the movie, but it works to a huge extent.

Dalip Tahir as Bhutto barely gets into the look. Even if he is a good actor, his talent is underutilized in this film.

The beauty of Kashmir is recreated in this movie. Cinema also plays a huge role here. The Dal Lake captured works with many camera angles, front as well as helicopter.

The movie impresses you as it progresses. It gets thoroughly entertaining but tends to lose grip over some scenes towards the end. The mystery elements work best with this one.

Vidyut vs. Vishal is a good moment. They are full of talent, which makes for a great scene.

The songs in the film aren't great but don't particularly disturb the viewing experience. One can overlook it, especially since it comes towards the end of the film.

The last scene is another cliched shot. Despite that, you will find yourself constantly biting your nails and wondering what will happen next.


If you are a Jammwalian, this film is a no-brainer. Vidyut puts his best foot forward for the movie, and it shows in all of his scenes.

Even otherwise, IB 71 is thoroughly entertaining, even if that wasn't the original theme of the film. Much credit for that goes to Vishal Jethwa, who nails every emotion his character demands.

Thus, IB 71 is a good deal if you want an entertaining weekend watch. It is not the best film out there but for the most bits, it will leave you with a smile.


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