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In Car movie Review: This Ritika Singh survival thriller lacks proper emotions and thrill

In Car Movie Review: Ritia Singh is the only solace of this lack-luster thriller

In Car movie Review: This Ritika Singh survival thriller lacks proper emotions and thrill

Ritika Singh In Car

  • Avad Mohammad

Last Updated: 08.37 AM, Mar 03, 2023

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Three dreaded criminals are on their way to Machilipatnam. To make their journey enjoyable, they abduct a random girl named Sakshi Gulati(Ritika Singh) and start misbehaving with her in the car. She tries to escape but these criminals are very hard to escape. In such a crazy situation, what will Sakshi do? how did she save herself? and how she survives the onslaught in the car forms the rest of the story.


Kranthi is a survival thriller that is based on a true story that happened in north India. Director Harsh Warrdhan weaves his story in such a way that one connects to it right away. A helpless girl gets abducted and is put in a deadly situation, this looks quite intimidating on the screen. The film starts on a slow note as the director takes a lot of time to establish the plot. The actual drama kickstarts only when Ritika Singh gets abducted by the goons.

Ritika Singh In Car
Ritika Singh In Car

There are only five characters in the film and the drama unfolds in an Innova car that is stolen from an old man who is forced to drive the goons to the destination. As he is old, he cannot save the girl and is in a helpless position. All this is established in a good way. The three characters who are showcased as kidnappers also create interest at the beginning of the film with their weird actions.


But the thrill factor is not established properly. Ritika Singh's character gives up way too easily when she gets abducted. She does not show much resilience to escape the situation initially. As the entire film happens in the car, there is nothing much the director can do in terms of thrills and twists. So the conversations of these goons with the girl needed to create an impact but that does not happen.

The scenes In Car are dragged for no reason. The logic goes for a toss as the driver who is also in the kidnap situation does not do one bit to save the girl or himself. This looks a bit weird. Ritika Singh's character is seen on a silent note in the beginning when she is put under pressure. The film has some good scenes as a chase scene in the farmland and the way Ritika breaks through in the end. Barring this, things are pale.

Until the interval point, there is no thrill and this makes things lethargic. It is only Ritika Singh's honest performances that create an impact. She is amazing as the girl who is left in a helpless situation. There is a lot of physical touching that she goes through from these goons and Ritika showcases the pain in a beautiful manner. Ritika's performance in the climax was quite good. Ravi (Manish Jhanjholia) plays a sadistic goon and though he irritates you in the beginning, as the movie progresses he becomes threatening. Yashwanth (Sandeep Goyat) and Kittu (Sunil Soni) also performed well.

As the film happens in a car, the cinematography was top-notch. The camera angles used to showcase the emotions of the actors were quite good. The Telugu dubbing was worse and the dialogues were decent. The BGM is not that great. A more melodramatic score would have elevated the tension a bit more. Director Harshh has the story and actors but his narration lacks the proper grip. There is no tension that is created as the film finally gets into its groove only in the last fifteen minutes when the girl breaks free and the emotions hit the audience.


In Car is a survival thriller with a relatable plot about how women get abducted in India on a daily basis and go through it. The plot is established well and Ritika Singh nails it with her performance. But the film is low on thrills and does not move you emotionally. What could have been a racy thriller that is spoilt by some boring execution and unengaging narration which does not excite you much?