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IN THE SOOP: Friendcation review: Peakboy, BTS’s V and Park Seo-joon give us major #TravelGoals in the first episode

Choi Woo-shik joins the three by the end of the first day. Meanwhile, Park Hyung-sik comes on the second day when the five of them finally gather together. But we will have to wait till next Friday to watch Day 2. 

  • Shamayita Chakraborty

Last Updated: 06.00 AM, Jul 25, 2022

IN THE SOOP: Friendcation review: Peakboy, BTS’s V and Park Seo-joon give us major #TravelGoals in the first episode
A scene from the show

Story: The charismatic Wooga Squad – Peakboy, BTS’s V and Park Seo-joon, Choi Woo-shik and Park Hyung-sik – go for a vacation and the show chronicles their stay. It takes a sneak peek into their informal, chilled-out space where they cook, eat, sleep, play and relax. Peakboy, BTS’s V and Park Seo-joon reach early to Goseong. Choi Woo-shik and Park Hyung-sik join them from Day 2. The first episode, however, is just about Day 1. 

Review: They are famous, glamorous and sought-after young stars and their friendship has always been in the news. Now, these five super successful Korean pop-culture idols take a break from their routined life and go out to Goseong for a break. It is undoubtedly intriguing to watch them in their true self – cooking, doing groceries and engaging in casual banter. 

The ‘In The Soop’ is a popular Korean format of a variety show. It is simple – a camera follows a bunch of celebrities to their soop (relaxing vacation) and chronicles their activities. Here too, we see the musicians and actors go off to a bungalow to spend some time off their busy schedules. Their journey gets recorded and later, everything is put together to present their vacay days sans their usual showbiz brouhaha. 

The first episode exudes a certain amount of positive vibes. The camaraderie between BTS' V (Kim Taehyung) with Peakboy becomes a treat to watch when they play a Korean stone-flicking game after dinner. Meanwhile, Seo-joon prepares a hearty dinner for his friends with utmost diligence. He makes mashed potato, tenderloin steak and veggies and his friends lap it up. Seo-joon confesses that it makes him happy to see his friends appreciating his cooking. 

Verdict: First thing first, it is a feel-good show. It is satisfying to see happy friends relaxing together and enjoying their lives. The show is aspirational too. Not only does it give us major friendship goals, but also gives us travel goals. The second episode will have Choi Woo-shik and Park Hyung-sik and will complete the squad. It is definitely a comfort watch.