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Influencer Life review: Amyra Dastur and Satish Ray's short film is easily skippable due to its unnecessary twist

Influencer Life is available to stream on Amazon miniTV for free.

Influencer Life review: Amyra Dastur and Satish Ray's short film is easily skippable due to its unnecessary twist

Influencer Life review

  • Sunidhi Prajapat

Last Updated: 08.28 AM, Feb 24, 2023

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Influencer Life, starring Amyra Dastur and Satish Ray, is the latest short film on Amazon miniTV that talks about the reality of the content creators and social media influencers behind the camera.


We've seen that social media influencers always look happy and upbeat when they're on camera, but fewer of them have talked about how hard it is for them to stay positive when they see hate in the comments. Amazon miniTV's Influencer Life has tried to dig a little deeper to showcase the reality behind the "showsha" of the glamorous life, but it seems the story doesn't land where it should have.

The movie begins with Amyra as a famous influencer named Kareena getting a glamorous photoshoot done for her social media page. Along with the shoot, she is also doing a live video chat with her fans, whom she calls her "K-army," and answering their questions. During the Q&A session, Kareena gets asked about her positivity and how she always looks up in life. Meanwhile, the actor goes into deep thought and remembers one of her weakest moments in life, when she felt miserable. However, she doesn't share it with the fans and lies that she likes to be optimistic and happy.

In the first few scenes, the film clearly displays how plastic and materialistic an influencer's life can get in order to build a personality in front of the world. However, in order to showcase the fake life of this famous social media girl, the makers have gone too far, and it almost looks like they are rooting against all the content creators in general.

Also, the story requires Kareena to spend the weekend in a huge villa so that she can promote it on her YouTube channel in exchange for a lot of money. However, everything turns upside down when the owner of the house reveals how fake she is in real life.

Amyra is great as a fake social media influencer in this not-so-thriller short. Apart from her performance, she also keeps the movie going with her gorgeous looks throughout.

On the other hand, Satish seems fine until he uncovers his mask in the film. The expression doesn't seem very believable, nor does his acting. He is not half as good as he is as a content creator in real life. His contents on social media are funny and even worth watching.

The audience won't find the ending predictable, though they might find it blah! To an extent, Influencer Life is still a bearable watch, while the unnecessary twist at the end makes it worse and something that is easily skippable.


Influencer Life can be streamed for Amyra Dastur, while everything else in the film makes it a needless watch.