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Kadak Singh Review – Pankaj Tripathi leads a decent thriller with an interesting idea

Kadak Singh indeed has a lot on its plate to explain and the story is also in able hands.

Kadak Singh Review – Pankaj Tripathi leads a decent thriller with an interesting idea
Kadak Singh Review

Last Updated: 12.00 AM, Dec 08, 2023


An investigating officer AK Srivastav aka Kadak Singh (Pankaj Tripathi) survives a deadly incident and is assumed to be attempting suicide. On regaining consciousness it is understood that he has lost his memory. Now his daughter Sakshi (Sanjana Sanghi) and son whom he shares a very problematic relationship have to remind him of the past and also find out who is trying to take Srivastav’s life.  

Kadak Singh Review:

If one looks at investigative thrillers and stories where the protagonist loses their memory, there are only a few blueprints that one can follow. Once in a blue moon comes a writer who knows how to mend those structures and create something very fresh as Vishal Bhardwaj did with Talvar, directed by Meghna Gulzar. In such a movie, it is not just the writer, director, and cast that participates, but the viewer too is a participant using the maximum of his brain. If they have concluded the film, the narrative is indeed lacking the mystery.

In Pankaj Tripathi’s Kadak Singh, the confusion around the main conflict is built well. With Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury on director’s chair and also the writer alongside Viraf Sarkari and Ritesh Shah, the premise of Kadak Singh is indeed interesting. A man is an anti-hero when he opens the movie. His kids hate him and so does the narrative. But he is the most honest man on the job. But the evil overpowers and the cloud bursts. Now he just doesn’t have to prove his innocence but also has to rebuild an entire bond with his kids and girlfriend. 

Kadak Singh indeed has a lot on its plate to explain and the story is also in able hands as the filmmaker has indeed worked on some of the most well-written and directed subjects. Pankaj Tripathi even manages to navigate the story and keep us as confused as him. There are so many questions lingering around the narrative and even more getting added on. However, it all falls a bit short when the screenplay rushes to answer them all in a single go without distributing the pressure throughout the second half. This leads to some parts of the movie looking much heavier than they should be. 


There are also some interesting twists attached to the main plot, with some big baddie threatening Sakshi but that is never mentioned again. However, trust Pankaj Tripathi to be the best in any setup. As a man who is navigating life again, he manages to create some very tender moments even in a thriller. When he tells his partner after he has forgotten her that she had the chance to marry him but she missed it and it is so poetic to witness. 

Sanjana Sanghi is evolving as an artist and the actor does have the potential to grow and give some very good performances. Parvathy Thiruvothu as the nurse is a very interesting character but doesn’t get to do much. I hope she had much more to do in the screenplay. 

The world looks lived in and that helps in creating a good background to this story and the way the flashback plays out, adds good value. Music is decent and so is the cinematography. 

Kadak Singh Final Verdict: 

Kadak Singh is a movie that could have been much better but is decent with what is served. You can give this story a chance. Kadak Singh is streaming on Zee5.

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