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Keedam review: Rahul Riji Nair weaves a gripping, fast-paced cyber thriller featuring Rajisha Vijayan in top form

Sreenivasan also beautifully plays his part as the protective, subdued father for whom fairness takes a backseat when it comes to his loved ones.

Keedam review: Rahul Riji Nair weaves a gripping, fast-paced cyber thriller featuring Rajisha Vijayan in top form

Last Updated: 03.26 PM, May 20, 2022



Radhika (Rajisha Vijayan) is a skilled cyber security expert whose firm specialises in protecting its clients from privacy breaches. Her unwavering ethics are put to the test when she herself becomes the victim of incessant harassment. Backed into a corner and pushed to her limits, she must make a choice between her principles and bringing criminals to justice.



More than a cyber thriller, Keedam initially takes on the hues of a story of a determined young woman’s quest for justice. But with skillful writing supplemented by thorough research, Rahul Riji Nair manages to weave a gripping narrative out of the story, that leaves very few moments of repose, just as every good thriller should be.

Rajisha Vijayan stars as Radhika, a cyber security professional with her own startup, dedicated to helping clients sort out their cyber privacy issues and shortcomings. Radhika follows the formulaic characterisation of every run-of-the-mill strong female protagonist initially. She is unwavering in her principles, refusing to budge even for a promise of rewards and riches. She is an expert at her craft, and the film makes sure to establish just how good she is with instances where her expertise gets her information about any person she meets at her fingertips. She is quick-witted, determined, and of course, her moral compass is always on point as she is seen helping out law enforcement out of the goodness of her heart, even catching important things seasoned police officers miss out on.

But one of her core principles, of how everyone is entitled to their privacy, is put to the test when she falls prey to cyber harassment by a group of criminals, who incidentally also have their toes dipped in a web of dangerous activities. Although she goes in with the intention of teaching her harassers a lesson, Radhika’s motivations change when she realises the full extent of their crimes. Her personal vendetta soon gets replaced by her strong sense of justice.

One of the notable things about Rahul’s writing is that he does not wave away the technical aspects of the film as an enigmatic concept that is unfathomable to the average viewer. Radhika does not magically hack into devices with the push of a few buttons, as if by sorcery. Instead, the film makes sure to explain, as straightforward and jargon-free as possible, just how she works her magic to bring down the people who try to make her life difficult. Even for viewers who are not tech savvy, the sequences where Radhika puts her cyber prowess to the test might seem engaging, as she meticulously plans her moves against her perpetrators. Save for a few wayward moments intended for comic relief, such as a smuggler getting an earful from ‘Mohanlal’, the narrative is fast-paced, action fraught and almost watertight.

Sreenivasan stars as Radhika’s father, Balan, and paints a devastatingly accurate portrait of a father protective of his daughter’s interest over anything else. The authentic characterisation comes across throughout the film, especially in the moments where Balan finds himself guilty of the desperation inherent in a father who realises that his daughter is in dire states. Sreenivasan and Rajisha also nail the delightful father-daughter banter and display endearing chemistry in their interactions.

Through his engaging storytelling, Rahul also manages to address some pertinent issues plaguing society, and highlights the glaring inadequacies and limitations in the law that do not aid victims even after they take the legal route. The irony of how Radhika’s troubles are aggravated shortly after she seeks help also serves as a commentary on the lived reality of harassment victims. The narrative seamlessly weaves these issues into its thrilling narrative, which also features some powerful, impactful performances by the rest of the cast, especially Manikandan Pattambi.


Rahul Riji Nair delivers a compelling cyber thriller in the form of Keedam, its fast-paced narrative also touching upon several thought-provoking issues. With some strong performances from its cast, led by Rajisha Vijayan, Keedam comes off strong with a riveting story that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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