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Krishnamma review - Satyadev's movie has only a few moments that click

Krishnamma review: Satyadev plays the main lead in this action drama presented by director Koratala Siva.

Krishnamma review - Satyadev's movie has only a few moments that click
Satyadev in Krishnamma

Last Updated: 05.27 PM, May 10, 2024


Krishnamma Story

Bhadra (Satyadev), Koti (Meesala Lakshman), and Shiva (Krishna Teja Reddy) are three orphans who live in Vijayawada. While Shiva is a gentleman, the other two are small-time thugs who do petty crimes. In order to impress Shiva's girlfriend's mom, the three friends plan a drug heist and get caught brutally. If this was not enough, the cops frame them in a bigger case and turn their lives upside down. The rest of the story is about how these three friends come out of this tricky situation.

Krishnamma Review

Krishnamma is based in the city of Vijayawada and is the story of three friends who are framed into a wrong case, which turns their lives upside down. But the actual motive of the film is a revenge drama, which is unleashed only in the halftime of Krishnamma. Until then, one has to sit through a lethargic first half, which has routine moments.

The first half is filled with scenes related to the friends, their tragic lives, and how they do petty crimes for a living. All this is showcased on a realistic note and this looks boring. Gopala Krishna, the director of the film, chooses to showcase the proceedings in a realistic way, whereas the story has all the trappings to be a solid commercial entertainer.

Though there is a lot of scope for mass moments and fights, the director chooses his own style, which disappoints the audience. It is only in the second half that things start making sense. The love track of Satyadev is highlighted way too much, which was not necessary at all. The conflict point deviates after a point and the film gets dragged time and again.

Satyadev Kancharana
Satyadev Kancharana

The pre-climax and climax are a huge letdown and end the film on a very disappointing note. Satyadev is known for his impressive performance and is amazing in this film as well. Though he has a solid screen presence, it has not been utilised well by the director. But still, if the film manages to impress in a few aspects, it is only because of the performance of Satyadev.

Meesala Lakshman, the other lead in the film, was amazing. His comedy timing is superb and he has a great role in the narrative. Krishna Teja Reddy was also neat in his role. The rest of the cast were ordinary. The production values in Krishnamma are pretty impressive, as the Vijayawada backdrop has been highlighted quite nicely.

However, the music by Kaala Bhairva is quite disappointing and so was his BGM as well. The camerawork is also okay but the screenplay is one of the biggest disadvantages. There is no grip in the proceedings and it is completely the director's fault.


Despite having so much stuff to elevate the drama, he did not make use of it. In a way, Krishnamma has so many moments that are relatable. While the revenge drama is very good, the rest of the proceedings are dull and boring.

Krishnamma Verdict

On the whole, Krishnamma is a mediocre revenge drama that has its moments. To enjoy the actual twists and turns, one has to sit through a lethargic first half and a silly climax.



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