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Kuiko review- Yogi Babu's satirical film has heartwarming theme, but lacks depth

Kuiko stands out for its organic humour and simple writing but the slow pace leaves out a lot of plotlines to explore within

Kuiko review- Yogi Babu's satirical film has heartwarming theme, but lacks depth

Last Updated: 07.20 PM, Dec 22, 2023


Kuiko Story: Kuiko focuses on Malayappan, a camel rearer in Saudi Arabia, who learns of his mother's demise, prompting him to return to his hometown. Simultaneously, Thyagarajan, a math tutor fired for his irresponsible nature, is tasked with delivering an electric ice box for Malayappan's mother's funeral. Kuiko revolves around how Thyagarajan, who wants to watch an IPL match, gets stuck in a remote village, waiting for Malayappan's arrival, and the changes that follow after the ice box enters their lives.

Kuiko Review: Yogi Babu, known for his humour, shines as a funny, generous and 'wealthy' camel rearer. The movie begins with the introduction of Thyagarajan, played by Vidharth. Lacking proficiency in other subjects but excelling in mathematics, Thyagarajan works as a math tutor. However, he gets suspended for borrowing cigarettes from students. He then gets fired for preaching unconventional philosophies. Thyagarajan loves philosophy and preaches it even in the most odd situations.


Thyagarajan asks to borrow some cash from his uncle, moneylender Panpazhagan, because he wants to go to Chennai to watch an IPL match live. Apart from lending money, Panpazhagan rents out an electric ice box, which he asks Thyagarajan to deliver to Calculator Shanmugham, Malayappan’s sister's neighbour, in return for Rs 1,500. Things change when Thyagarajan arrives at the village and what happens after Malayappan reaches his hometown is what Kuiko or ‘Kudiyirundha Kovil’ is all about.

A still from Kuiko
A still from Kuiko

One of the most heartwarming aspects of his dramedy is Malayappan’s love for his mother, whom he misses dearly throughout the film and for whom he buys the ice box to worship it as a temple. However, this beautiful aspect is underexplored, as the viewers only get a small glimpse of their relationship. Director-writer T Arul Chezhian’s screenplay is commendable, as he explores every nuance of flaws and perfections in society. From Vidharth’s character’s analogy of the ‘yin and yang’ for the balance of life to the state of temples run in our country, Chezhian touches upon several important issues in a simple manner. However, these themes do not necessarily have an impact on the storyline.

The electric freezer box, which symbolises the title of the film as ‘Kudiyirundha Kovil', is the main character of the film. Yogi Babu’s character, who is unable to bid a final goodbye to his mother, wishes to keep the freezer as a reminder of her and decides to worship her in the house. His character shines through as a son who would go to any extent to save the freezer box. Chezhian has written humour well, and he does not go overboard. Although Vidharth may seem like the hero of the film, he simply plays a character who also brings several changes to Yogi Babu’s character’s life, with a convincing side character outlook.

A still from Kuiko
A still from Kuiko

Priyanka Mohan and GR Durga deliver decent performances as the female leads, with the plot wisely avoiding cliché romances. Muthukumar's portrayal of Panpazhagan, a faithful moneylender, stands out as an unlikely character compared to typical moneylenders seen in other films.

The music by Antony Daasan and Kevin Miranda, particularly the parody song "Tum Paas Aaye," stands out and gives Yogi Babu and GR Durga's love story a quirky touch.

Kuiko Verdict: While the movie lacks a conclusive ending, leaving viewers wondering where it is headed, it offers a two-hour-long simple narrative with simple messages. It has several humorous scenes, making it a must-watch for Yogi Babu fans. But Kuiko is not for those who seek a complex plot. You can stream this Yogi Babu starrer on Netflix.


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