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Love Is Blind season 3 episodes 11-12 review: Predictable but heartwarming

The altar episode and reunion episode are here.

Love Is Blind season 3 episodes 11-12 review: Predictable but heartwarming
Love Is Blind S3.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 04.58 PM, Nov 10, 2022



Various couples decide to get married without ever meeting each other. They need to figure if they can make it to the altar and actually marry one another.


Love Is Blind season 3 has finally come to an end. The show set the standards high but barely managed to meet it. In the last episodes, the viewers get to see what happened at the altar and during the reunion after awkward moments.

The altar day is here. Bartise and Nancy are the first to face the test.

As always, there are no surprises in the love stories. There's only love or heartbreak and nothing in between.

Alexa and Brennon have been through a smooth ride. As much as that seems straight out a fairytale, the reality is what the couple has been scared of. Will it be enough for them to say I Do? Find out.

Zanab and Cole, who have gone through some drastic changes, are also making it to the altar. Despite their past though, will they say I Do?

Of course, following them is Colleen and Matt. The two have been at the lowest lows. Will that stop them from marrying each other?

One of these couples set goals for woman power. Saying no, she chose dignity over spending her life with someone who would never chose her completely.

The Reunion, as usual, is pretty interesting. One of the couples that didn't make it, are back. It's once again, not that surprising given the direction the show was going in.

Andrew, who was close to Zanab, was asked to be a part of the reunion. Him skipping the event sure raises questions and Zanab's reaction is epic.

Alexa manages to set goals way after the altar too. She sets goals pre and post-wedding day.

The makers have promised that another episode of the show will air a year from now. Love Is Blind is also coming back with a new season.


While some couples set goals and win your heart, others get you flustered. However, if you have followed the whole season, nothing comes as a surprise. Nonetheless, these episodes are a good watch.