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Love Is Blind season 3 review: A cute setting with predictable ending

If you have followed Love Is Blind blindly, you'll be a pro at recognizing where things are going by the time the third season ends.

Love Is Blind season 3 review: A cute setting with predictable ending
Love Is Blind S3.
  • Shaheen Irani

Last Updated: 06.37 PM, Nov 10, 2022



Various couples get to know each other over a process. This is the time when they decide if they want to get engaged and finally married to the person. While a few find their forever, others part ways for good.


Love Is Blind season 3 started off on a very predictable note. The show introduced two boys Bartise and Cole who instantly gave off a vibe like Shake but just being a slightly better version of him, if that’s even possible.

Somehow, these two also ended up finding love but did they really settle? You have to watch the series to know that. Five couples made it to the altar. However, only two got married. This ratio has been common with Love Is Blind. While sadly season 2 did see two couples get married, they also got divorced soon after. Will history repeat itself or will season three end up like season one? Time will tell the tale.

Love Is Blind 3 introduces couples like Matt and Colleen, Cole and Zanab, Bartise and Nancy, SK and Raven and of course, Alexa and Brennon. Who got the courage to say I Do and who said I Don’t? Find out.

The couples have all faced complications before reaching the altar. Even when things were too smooth, they would naturally question how are things too smooth. Will that answer lead them towards or away from marriage, is a huge question.

Although Love Is Blind season 3 is pretty predictable once you start following the couples’ journeys, the show has definitely upped the quotient in terms of location and setup. Right from the proposal venue to holiday resorts, all of it is cute and pleasing to the eye. However, it is, obviously, the story that matters. Although real life (since it is a reality show), things are too predictable on this one. That takes it a notch down.


Love Is Blind 3, like all seasons of the reality show, is an emotional journey. You will root for a few and cuss some. However, the surprise factor is missing in this one.

Nonetheless, it is slightly heartwarming for the moments with either the family or who they believe will be the love of their lives. If you’re looking for a ride that is predictable but still cute, this one is it.