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Love To Hate You review: Watch this if you are a K-drama fan

Kim Ok-vin and Teo Yoo-do's rom-com is for hardcore fans of the genre

Love To Hate You review: Watch this if you are a K-drama fan
Love To Hate You

Last Updated: 08.39 PM, Feb 11, 2023


Story: Yeo Mi-ran, a rookie attorney at a law firm, is not looking for romance, and hates losing to men. Nam Kang-ho, a top actor, revered for his good looks, is a soughtafter romantic hero, but is actually suspicious of women. The two meet, but don't get along for obvious reasons. But sparks eventually fly, and love triumphs.

Review: New rom-com releases are a given in the month of February, thanks to Valentine's Day. The title of the Netflix original series, Love To Hate You, gives away the story and doesn't even attempt to be anything else. The 10-episode series about two unlikely people falling in love is not unique to South Korean rom-coms. 

Like most K-romcoms, this one also has an extremely good-looking leading man, who is not just rich, but also kind and well-meaning. But, unlike other similar series, Mi-ran is not your typical K-drama leading lady; she openly has flings and has no qualms about schooling men – traits that are usually found in the protagonist's friend.

Kim Ok-vin and Teo Yoo-do both do a good job and have good onscreen chemistry. They are also supported by an able ensemble cast. The show is funny in parts and manages to keep you engaged for the most part. 

Verdict: Fans of K-romcoms find themselves watching one series after another due to the ease with which one can binge through them. The sweet characters and cute circumstances in which the lead characters meet are another draw, as are the overall characterisation and tight story lines. Love To Hate You does not disappoint, and this 10-episode series will certainly appeal to fans of the genre. Should you watch this if you haven't watch any K-romcoms (do such people still exist?)? Probably not. Try Hometown Cha Cha Cha instead.


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