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Miss Perfect Web Series Review - Lavanya Tripathi shines in this otherwise passable confusion-comedy which has its moments

Miss Perfect Web Series Review - Lavanya Tripathi plays the main lead and shoulders the show with her bubbly act. But it is Abhignya Vuthaluru who is the show stealer with her impressive performance. 

Miss Perfect Web Series Review - Lavanya Tripathi shines in this otherwise passable confusion-comedy which has its moments

Miss Perfect poster

Last Updated: 12.13 PM, Feb 03, 2024


Miss Perfect Story

Lavanya Rao (Lavanya Tripathi) is a cleanliness freak who comes to Hyderabad for her job. As soon as she lands at her father's house, the COVID-19 lockdown is announced and Lavanya gets stuck in her apartment. This is also the time when Lavanya's maid, Jyothi (Abhignya Vuthaluru), stops coming to work and asks her to convey the same to Rohit (Abhijeet Duddala), who is Lavanya's neighbor.In a turnaround of events, Lavanya reaches Rohit's flat and introduces herself as the maid, Lakshmi. It is also revealed that Lavanya's father (Harshvardhan) is having an affair with the apartment's president (Jhansi). There is too much chaos taking place in the gated community and the rest of the story is how the story of Rohit and Lavanya unfolds as the eight-episode progresses.

Miss Perfect Review

After the success of Puli Meka, Lavanya Tripathi joined hands with the prestigious Annapurna Studios for a comedy caper titled Miss Perfect. As the title suggests, Lavanya plays this corporate head who has OCD issues. She goes to her neighbour's house just to convey that her maid will not come to work, sees the house is a mess and starts cleaning it. This practice goes on for a few days until Lavanya ends up acting as a maid in the hero's house, as she loves cleaning and has nothing to do during the lockdown.

This aspect looks over-the-top and is hard to digest in the first two episodes. But once the third episode starts, the various stories in the plot start making sense. Lavanya and Abhijeet's confrontation and the confusing comedy featuring Abhignya and her brother look nice. Director Vishwak Kanderao brings in the track of Lavanya's dad having an affair with the apartment's secretary and living in the same building without the knowledge of her daughter.

A Still from Miss Perfect
A Still from Miss Perfect

Once all these tracks are properly unleashed, Miss Perfect gets interesting. But in all this, the one thing that is missing the most is the comedy. In scenarios where multiple tracks are involved and are hiding their identities, situational comedy is a must but that does not happen in Miss Perfect. Although there is so much to add to the humour, director Vishwak Khanderao fails to utilise it in many areas.

Also, once the identities are revealed, the last two episodes turn into a romantic drama featuring romance and heartbreak, which has been showcased interestingly. The production values of Annapurna Studios are top notch and the locations used suit the story perfectly. For Lavanya Tripathi, it is a tailor-made role. She suits her character superbly and gives a sincere performance. Not only does she look beautiful but Lavanya has done well in all the situational comedy scenes. It is good to see such a bubbly role that has a nice transformation at the event.

Miss Perfect also has Youtuber Abhignya Vulturu in a key role and she is fab in the series. She plays the maid, Jyothi, and her character has multiple shades to showcase her talent. Abhignya is good at comedy and has a relatable screen presence, which will surely go a long way in her career. All her scenes with her brother are quite good and create an interest factor. Harshvardhan and Jhansi play interesting roles as a pair in love and they hold our attention. Their chemistry was quite good, and one gets the feeling that their track should have been given more importance in the series.

After a long time, Bigg Boss' Abhijeet Duddala makes his comeback and he is good as the wannabe chef who falls for his maid. He brings a fresh appeal to the show and his chemistry with Lavanya is quite good in the series. Mahesh Vitta as the security guard is okay and the rest of the supporting cast was neat.


From the promos, one gets the feeling that the show is more about a woman with OCD issues. But that is not at all highlighted in the series and the proceedings are more confusion-comedy and romance. The story of Miss Perfect is very good but what is written on paper is not properly transformed on screen. There is comedy, romance, and some emotion, but it is showcased only in bits and pieces.

Lavanya Tripathi is the major attraction and her role is warm and makes you sit through the episode. One of the biggest advantages is that the series is clean and can be watched by the entire family, which is a rarity these days.

Lavanya Tripathi at Miss Perfect event
Lavanya Tripathi at Miss Perfect event

Miss Perfect Verdict

On the whole, Miss Perfect is an urban confusion comedy that has a few interesting moments. The intriguing storyline is not utilised to its fullest and one gets a feeling of missing something even though there is comedy and romance. Lavanya Tripathi and Abhignya shine in their roles and make this series a strictly passable watch this weekend.


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