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My Liberation Notes Ep 10 review: The new episode reveals lot more about mysterious neighbour Gu and Chang-Hee

The South Korean show, directed by Kim Seok-yoon, stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Seok-koo, and Lee El, among others. 

  • Akhila Damodaran

Last Updated: 10.12 AM, May 09, 2022

My Liberation Notes Ep 10 review: The new episode reveals lot more about mysterious neighbour Gu and Chang-Hee
A still from My Liberation Notes Episode 10/YouTube screengrab


The new episode focuses on the past of Mr Gu. Gi-heong is also seen taking a step and face her obstacles, instead of running away by meeting Tae-hun and his family and revealing about her liking for him. Meanwhile, Chang-hee gets calmer and does not indulge in any fights with his senior A-Reum.


The new episode starts with the flashback of Mr Gu. He is seen speaking to his friend and colleague who warns him about his girlfriend's brother taking over the entire business and collapses at the phone boot.

The way the episode goes back and forth with the flashback story is interesting and does not appear to be a jerk in the video or story. Gu is shown in a vulnerable state as he is deep in sorrow since he considers himself to be the reason for the death of his girlfriend. He feels remorse and guilt, so deep that he starts believing that the only way to get over them is to suffer and die a slow death. Drunk and unable to hold himself together, he walks into the pack of wild dogs and waits to be attacked but Mi-jeong reaches on time and saves him. She acts not like a fearful woman but someone with sharp instincts. Gu has a fight with Mi-jeong and says she should leave the village and go live in the city and get rid of her instincts so that she doesn't save him. He is then seen collapsing and staring into the starry nights. Chang-hee joins him and clings onto him as if he were his best friend.

The story later reveals the true intentions of Chang-hee. He learns to also let go of his anger and hatred towards his colleague A-reum as he finds out that Gu is rich and probably owns a Porsche. He sees the key in his bathroom, which he starts using every day.

It is interesting to note that meditation and other calming methods did not work for Chang-hee to let go of all the disappointment he faces at work. The way he shouts overjoyed and then calms down while driving Gu's car at the end of the episode indicates the calm before the storm. It shows a darker side to him and he appears to be very greedy.

Meanwhile, it also explores the story of Gi-jeong. She agrees to go for dinner with Tae-hun and his family when his sister and her friend insists that she joins them for some amazing octopus. She later admits that she has feelings for Tae-hun to his sisters and that when she expressed it, she was rejected. Her friend feels relieved and is seen celebrating it later. Gi-jeong is then seen being grilled by her colleague for getting close to her crush and boss as she goes to him to take dating advice. The episode hints at the boss developing a liking for Gi-jeong as he gets all teary-eyed when she rushes to Tae-hun's place but she assures her that there is nothing going on between them. The way she has a breakdown and later, laughs looks really funny.

The ending of the episode leaves you a little confused, wondering what you need to think about the relationship between Gu and Mi-jeong. Gu is seen happy in life finally, laughing and all smiles with Mi-jeong and then cut to, it takes to a scene where he appears to have taken control over his business again and stares into the night sky, thinking about what Mi-jeong had told him once. He remembers her saying, every guy she's met is an a**hole. It makes you curious thinking if he's broken up with her and moved back to the city. But Mi-jeong seems to be having a positive effect on him so far and he's himself seen he is capable of change.


The episode explores each main character, even more, revealing slowly about their past, making it an interesting watch. It presents a lot of emotions and pulls you into the world of the Yeom siblings.