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My Liberation Notes Episode 15 review: Gu takes Mi-jeong on a date that was long due

The South Korean show, directed by Kim Seok-yoon, stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Seok-koo, and Lee El, among others. 

  • Akhila Damodaran

Last Updated: 01.25 PM, May 29, 2022

My Liberation Notes Episode 15 review: Gu takes Mi-jeong on a date that was long due
My Liberation Notes Episode 15/YouTube screengrab


Gu and Mi-jeong go on a date like a regular couple. The two have changed since their lives Sanpo. While Chang-hee is dealing with his breakup with Hyeon-A, Gi-jeong is seen dealing with another humiliating moment with Tae-hun's family.


Episode 15 picks up from exactly where the story was left in the previous episode. Gu and Mi-jeong go on a date like a regular couple after having a long conversation about how they get irritated by other people. Gu says he thought he is the only one who does not enjoy the company of people but is glad to have met Mi-jeong while Mi-jeong expresses that she was waiting for him to call and he called while she was least expecting. Yet, a call from him saved her from stooping really low as she was at that time attending the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, who did pay her back the money he owes her. She was about to create a scene in front of all guests when she got a call from him. The two then go to shop and enjoy a meal when Gu gets a work call. He was so involved in the conversation that he forgot it was a work day.

He makes an excuse to sort out a work problem and returns as a 'different person' to his date. Mi-jeong notices it and advices him to just take 5 minutes out to find little things that make him happy. She says she tries to find happiness for a few seconds and it has led to 5 minutes a day now. Gu says the two can do it together then. Mi-jeong goes to Gu's apartment and asks why does he live like a refuge in his beautiful apartment. He responds, saying why would an alcoholic need anything else.

Gu turns into a different person when he meets Mi-jeong. He is seen opening up to her and striking a deal for 10 sessions with her where all she needs to do is listen to him. She agrees. The episode reveals more about the lives of Gu and the Yeom siblings and their present mental state.

Gi-jeong is hurt that she was not allowed to be photographed with the family during Yu-rim's middle school graduation day. Yu-rim later catches her buying a pregnancy test kit and she informs Tae-hun. Tae-hun takes Gi-jeong out on a dinner date to find out if she is pregnant but realises that she was just PMSing. The way Gi-jeong innocently talks about how she is so hungry and the way she eats oranges, only adding to the suspicion of Tae-hun are funny. But she soon realises what's going on and feels hurt when Tae-hun is relieved that she is not pregnant. At the end of the episode, she is seen cutting her hair, giving an idea about how she is looking forward to having a change in life. Mi-jeong too cut her hair to show that she is trying to move on. Gi-jeong is lectured by a group of women in their 50s that life is not different and it is in fact, more anxious and troublesome when they hear her crib about how she is worried about turning 50.

Chang-hee is seen drawing metaphors between the mountain and a coin. The reference was brought back again and his talks about the neighbourhood and troubles in human life are very insightful. He now runs a superstore and has paid all the debts he had trying different businesses. He says he is like a psychic and knew where he would end up. It gets you thinking about how he might be right as he knew he had to be there at home when both his grandmother and mother had died. He has broken up with Hyeon-A and is seen dealing with it. He sure misses Gu as his car had given him some solace in the time of desperate need and restlessness. He is now forced to ride around the neighbourhood on a bicycle. But the way he keeps himself reminding about the mountain and coin reference is quite inspiring.

Ahead of the season finale, the story shows all familiar characters in somewhat new spaces and scenarios, making viewers even more curious to find out how the show is going to end. It makes the finale interestingly even more difficult to predict.


The episode makes you even more curious to find out how the season is going to end in the last episode.