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My Liberation Notes Episode 5 review: Yeom kids go through self-introspection and realise what they should probably do to seek happiness

The South Korean show, directed by Kim Seok-yoon, stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Seok-koo, and Lee El, among others. In the new episode, Mi-jeong realises more about what it takes to like someone. It also talks about one's choice to not have children. 

  • Akhila Damodaran

Last Updated: 07.51 AM, Apr 24, 2022

My Liberation Notes Episode 5 review: Yeom kids go through self-introspection and realise what they should probably do to seek happiness

My Liberation Notes/Netflix


The new episode released recently shows Mi-jeong finding the one who finally agrees to worship her and Gi-jeong realising that she falls in love with just anybody very easily. Chang-hee learns that he would never like to have children. They get a few insights into their lives and what would make them happy.


The new episode starts with where it left off. Chang-hee is way too fascinated by Mr Gu's long jump to get Mi-jeong's hat. He is unable to rest until he finds out more about him. He looks over the internet for the names of athletes with names Mr Gu and annoys him with his guesses. Mr Gu then asks him to leave him alone. Later, Chang-hee continues to talk about him with his friends over a couple of beers in his house, annoying them too.

The exchange between Chang-hee and his mother during his get-together is fun. He opens up with his mother in front of his friends and says that he would not like to have kids as he has seen his mother unhappy after a few years of having three children. He says he chooses to live happily ever over being happy for a couple of years. Though his mother gets angry and shuts the window at him, she is later seen speaking to herself while looking at her son's childhood photo hanging on the wall that she has no expectations from him. The way she later says that he hasn't changed at all except in size is adorable and funny.

It also explores the Liberation Club further and what they do. The way the three look totally blank when the HR asks them about the club was kinda funny. After the HR suggests that they maintain a journal to document the activities that they do in the club, Mi-jeong goes to buy a journal, with which she seems to find more solace. She writes down her thoughts and shares with the other two members in the club, who find her notes really thought-provoking. She writes how she has come to terms with liking someone irrespective of their qualities that make her feel uncomfortable. She takes a plunge to like her people the way they are as she has observed that no one is perfect and everyone's got some qualities that she is uncomfortable with.

The episode shows the importance of self-introspection. Mi-jeong and her brother are seen spending time with themselves to realise why they are sad and what is it that would make them happy. Mi-jeong thinks about what her friend had said that she is great and does not need to be worshipped. She realises she needs to lead her life differently, not being desparately seeking love but she eventually, gets what she wanted. She finds the one who shows interest in trying to worship her. Mi-jeong's dialogue to Mr Gu, saying one person changes when he experiences something new, leaves quite an impact.

Meanwhile, Mi-jeong's sister, Gi-jeong has fallen head over heels in love with Cho Tae-hun. She realises she falls in love very easily. She opens up about it with her boss, saying she falls madly in love with a person the moment their eyes meet, unlike most people who meet, spend time with each other before falling in love. She seems to taken up cosmetic surgery too to look better.

The episode reminds viewers that every individual is same, irrespective of the race, language and faith they follow. All our problems seem same, everyone's seeking peace and happiness. The slow pace of the narrative kind of grows on you and the one-hour long episode does not bother you much, as it gives you lot to think about.

The episode ends with Mr Gu and Mi-jeong going on a date. Though barely have any conversations with each other. They look at least better and more peaceful in enjoying each other's company. They find comfort in each other's silences and as they say, silence is louder than words. It now needs to be seen if they continue to see each other and fall for each other in the upcoming episodes.


The show is getting more interesting. It gives you a new perspective from the lives of these characters and their thought processes. The slow pace of the narrative does not bother you anymore, at least with the latest episode.