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My Liberation Notes Episode 7 review: The series makes great use of silences in its episodes

The South Korean show, directed by Kim Seok-yoon, stars Kim Ji-won, Lee Min-ki, Son Seok-koo, and Lee El, among others. 

  • Akhila Damodaran

Last Updated: 11.41 AM, May 01, 2022

My Liberation Notes Episode 7 review: The series makes great use of silences in its episodes
My Liberation Notes Episode 7


The story of the series revolves around a middle-class Yeom family who live in the countryside. The latest episode focuses on further exploring the characters in the series and their ideas of love and relationships.


The new episode mostly focuses on conversations around love and relationships. It also offers a steady dose of each character, further exploring their lives and their ideas of love. The story in this episode majorly focuses on Mi-jeong and her sister Gi-jeong. Mi-jeong speaks to her ex-boyfriend again as she receives notices from the bank. She has a breakdown when he blantantly asks her to repay the loan with her parents' money and makes false promises again that he would return the money as soon as he can.

The makers have given attention to minor details of each character. The way Mi-jeong's father waits for everyone to leave the house to work to speak to her about the change in her address and not grilling her further about it is very mature. The scene, with least dialogues, shows the confidence of her father in his daughter. The other highlight of the series is that it does not have lot of dialogues as you expect in an hour-long episode. The story is mostly filled with silences and those voids are perfectly placed, leaving an impact on the audience's mind.

The way Mr Gu cares for Mi-jeong and the little things he does for her, waiting in the middle of the road late night to ensure that she gets back home okay and stopping the van to give her lift, without saying anything, is quite a delight to watch. Mi-jeong breaks the usual cliches when she hears a conversation between her brother and his friend about relationships. She says she does not feel her heart beating faster when she meets someone she likes, instead she feels peace and calm. Her brother ponders about it and tells his friend that it is true. One's heart beats faster when they feel anxious and they shouldn't ideally feel so when they are in love. The conversation between the two will get you thinking as it did Gi-jeong. She overhears the conversation and realises that she often misreads the signs and is not in control of her emotions. She opens up about it with her friend and her boss, who suggests her to let Tae-hun know about her feelings. Meanwhile, Tae-hun is tries to avoid talking to her. He seems to have a liking for her and to avoid any complications as she is his sister's friend, he decides not to act on it.

The episode also explores the past of Tae-hun. He opens up about his weakness and how his relationship with his daughter got affected after his wife passed away. The father-daughter relationships between Tae-hun and his daughter, and Mi-jeong and her father are further explored and appears quite similar. Both daughters don't often speak to their fathers and share weird relationships. And, they know that their fathers are unhappy, even though they don't speak about it and are seen taking care of their responsibilities in their own ways for their children.

Mi-jeong has a fight with Mr Gu who realises that there is something going on regarding her loan. It is like they read each other minds without speaking much. Mr Gu asks for her ex-boyfriend's number and Mi-jeong refuses to give, leading to a fight. Mi-jeong admits that she is someone who cannot fight till the end and needs Mr Gu to worship her and boosts her confidence so that she can speak her mind. When Mr Gu points out that Mi-jeong is but fighting with him, she says that is because he likes her and she feels free to express herself with him. It leads to an awkward silence between the two but doesn't make much of a difference as their relationship is itself awkward. Mr Gu then offers her food and water to calm her down and says this is his way of worshipping her. Though it raises a concern initially about why would one needs one's validation to be able to gain self-confidence, you soon realise that it is good to have some kind of support.

The episode ends in a quirky note. Mi-jeong's brother realises that she now has a 'boyfriend' and she doesn't deny it.


The story is taking an interesting turn with Mi-jeong and Mr Gu growing closer. Will the relationship be far more than just worshipping each other is what needs to be explored.

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