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Narcos: Mexico season 3 review: Back into the ruthless world with Amado at the centre of it all

While Felix (Diego Luna) led the gang previously, Narcos: Mexico season 3's story is focused on Amado among the other cartel leaders.

Shaheen Irani
Nov 07, 2021
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Narcos: Mexico season 3.


Miguel Angel Felix (Diego Luna) was the leading face of Narcos: Mexico for two long seasons. After his arrest, the story's focus has shifted to the cartel leaders who have been divided. Amado, Benjamin, El Chapo and Ramon are at the centre of it. While their story is told, Narcos: Mexico also brings in the politics, cops and media coverage to the fore this time.


Narcos: Mexico was controlled by Felix. Now that he's in prison, season 3 will see what happens to the cartel and the drug mafia he was controlling. The series begins exactly how Felix had informed in season 2 - through chaos. Of course, the grandness continues. The first episode takes place on a long desert with Amado Carrillo Fuentes being at the centre of it. He also happened to play a big role in season 2, in leading the narco towards division. While Amado is shown as a powerful character, Jose Maria Yazpik only does a fair job. He does not create fear per say and his acting is very subtle, unlike Felix’s powerful front. Compared to him, Benjamin, played by Alfonso Dosal, Ramon played by Manuel Masalva and Enedina, played by Mayra Hermosillo, create a scary front.

The Mexican humour is kept intact in the series, which makes Narcos an appealing watch. It also keeps the gruesome violence intact, giving the series a real feel.

El Professor is introduced in Narcos: Mexico too. He is Carlos Hank. The name keeps coming up throughout the first half of the series but he doesn't appear on screen as much.

El Chapo, who has a series based on him, is also introduced to Narcos: Mexico. He is as arrogant and needy as always. Like mentioned in the trailer, he happens to play an important role in Narcos. Alejandro Edda replaces Marco de la O in the role. The actor tries hard but doesn't completely fit in the role. He respects girls, unlike the Chapo in his series. The one thing that remains constant is his mother supporting and encouraging his deeds. Thankfully, more about his story hasn't changed.

El Mayo, a yet-to-be-known character, becomes a part of Narcos: Mexico. He makes a pretty good impression when with Chapo. Like mentioned at the start, he becomes an important character who changes the history of drug trafficking.

While Amado loves planes, one member of the cartel owns Club Roxanne, the other a garage full of cars (and drugs, obviously) and the likes.

The focus this time is also on Walt Breslin (Scoot McNairy)'s life, both personal and professional. For those who have followed Narcos, they know exactly what does introducing a family mean in the series. It is either to give a background of the character or because the family will play a major part in the story later on.

Alberto Ammann, who plays the role of Helmer Herrera aka El Pacho, has shown how scary he can be. Thus, he doesn’t have to work a lot to create fear among even the cartel leaders.

Tragedy continues, as was expected of the series. People are murdered, killed out of revenge and the likes.

Pablo Escobar's death is also covered in the series. It is to be noted that Pablo controlled drugs in Columbia while Felix controlled it around Mexico. Amado, who takes control in season 3, covers Juarez.

Ramon and Benjamin's fight against Chapo is definitely one of the highest points of the show. Benjamin meeting the Father is also shot beautifully. There is a pause after which the fast-paced action takes place.

The music in this season goes hand-in-hand with the story. It manages to lighten a tense environment and create tension in a lighter setup.

The women (here, Benjamin's sister Enedina), as always, are someone to look up to. They cause chaos and have an intuition to the extent that they can smell death from miles away.

Narcos: Mexico is a ruthless world. Here, even the biggest of players get played. However, there is always a glimmer of hope in this world. It is that glimmer that keeps the series alive.

Diego Luna as Felix makes a re-entry. The scene is about how he met Amado and it shouts power.

Another reason the show works is because it simplifies the politics that takes place. While doing that, it also shows the scary side of being in power and trying to stay in it.

Luis Gerardo Mendez as Victor is an actor to look out for. He manages to brilliantly show what resement looks like, through almost every single frame he is in.

Various mysteries unfold. It not only raises suspicion but makes your gut twist thinking the unthinkable. The series, based on real life, takes you through shocking facts. Yes, even after everything, Mexico can still shock you.

Narcos: Mexico shows the end of Amado and Ramon. Knowing how the families always seek revenge, there is a chance we will get to see season 4, especially with Benjamin and Enedina at the centre of it.


Even though you have to once again spend 10 long hours to view Narcos: Mexico season 3, most of it is worth it. You are sure to feel emotions like thrill, fear and shock thanks to the setup of the series. It is definitely a recommended watch, even though Felix, played by Diego Luna, appears on the show for a single scene.

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