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Panchayat 2 review: Binge-worthy dramedy turns emotional but more real and authentic this time

Apart from Jitendra, Faisal Malik and Sanvika shine throughout this hilarious drama.

Panchayat 2 review: Binge-worthy dramedy turns emotional but more real and authentic this time

Source: Amazon Prime Video

Last Updated: 11.45 AM, May 19, 2022



Panchayat 2 is the continuation of the story about a city boy that sets his foot in Phulera due to his government job and becomes an important part of the village and its people.


The tone of the story was set in the first season like a light-hearted show as Abhishek Tripathi was appointed as a new Sachiv of this small village of UP, who tries to adjust to and understand the chaos of a new and unknown world.

As expected from the makers, Panchayat 2 begins on a hilarious note that showcases multiple ironically hilarious sequences. In one of the beginning scenes, a completely drunk advertising agent of a de-addiction campaign arrives at Pulera to announce the bane of alcoholism. It's hilarious as well as a bitter truth that can actually be witnessed in small towns.

While the first season focused on the issues and problems Abhishek faces as being a complete alien to this newly appointed world, Panchayat 2 has been focused on each of the characters in the show.

Jitendra Kumar (Abhishek Tripathi) is one of those actors, who can make you enact his expression and emotions while you're watching him on the screen. Meanwhile, Neena Gupta (Vimla Devi) and Raghubir Yadav (Brij Bhushan Dubey) are one of those onscreen couples, who looks like real-life husband and wife, which we witnessed recently on another TVF show Gullak. Chandan Roy (Vikas) and Sanvika (Rinky) are the two actors who can be seen showcasing their characters effortlessly unlike any other cast in the show, while Faisal Malik has hit the mark of one of the best performers in Panchayat 2. The Gangs of Wasseypur actor has been having a funny guy vibe throughout the series, however, the last few minutes of his serious act will not only make you emotional but will make you cry. It's commendable to the director and the creative team how an 8 episodic series can make each of the key characters shine throughout the show.


Most of the people who belong to small towns, or villages or have spent a specific amount of time there could pinpoint the sequences in the show where the makers have kept it raw and original, which are actually a lot. Be it, people cribbing about not getting proper toilets in their houses or needing a working handpump or roads that are not made for vehicles, everything screams the lack of communication between the people and the government, which happens several times, especially in the villages.

During a recent statement director, Deepak Kumar Mishra mentioned that his main moto of making the series is to showcase the reality of villages of the nation to the Gen Zs, who are completely unknown and unfamiliar with this. If you're one of the unknowns, then Panchayat 2 will definitely surprise you and educate you as well.

Even the political drama that occurs between Brij Bhushan and a senior politician is so raw that it might make you enter the screen and punch the powerful but arrogant politician.

Abhishek and Rinky's love angle has been one of the most anticipated angles of the latest season. While the audience expects to see some serious romantic action between the two, the duo has taken their own time to savour their feelings for each other, which might continue in the next season or might not. But it will tease you and leave you wanting more.

Spoiler Alert! The rift between the neighbours due to jealousy of having less than the other is also one of the realities of society. The characters can be seen cursing one another for having more than them, however, Panchayat 2 beautifully showcases that the people around you might not celebrate your happiness with you, although they always stay there in your difficult times. All the people of Phulera come together to mourn the death of an army officer in their village. This is where the comedy-drama takes an emotional turn.

During the whole series, Abhishek can be seen cribbing about his salary and a minimal job, however, the death of Prahalad's son Rahul Pandey (Shiv Swaroop) opens his eyes when hears two people raving about how young people of small villages always get ready to serve their country just the monthly salary of 20 to 20K. The final truth bomb is definitely set to make the audiences' hearts and eyes melt.


Panchayat 2 has all the elements of a perfect family entertainer, be it comedy, drama or emotions. The latest web series might feel a little stretched in the middle, however, it picks up the pace every time with its ironically hilarious punches. The performances as well as the direction have been taken up a notch, while the best part is that it's surely coming back with another season.

Panchayat 2, which connects you to actual village culture, is a must-watch, especially for all the people of this country.


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